", Pros: "Slept through the entire flight, ground crew got me from gate to seat ASAP." Wanted at least 25 passengers to surrender carry one for checked, otherwise departure would be delayed. They weren't. Not always professional. ", Pros: "I loved the humor of the hostess. Al was also a registered Big Game Guide. Cons: "Seat ptich could be/should be - wider. Fare differences may apply. This is the land of the aurora borealis or northern Lights - rippling ribbons of green, yellow, orange, red, and blue light best seen from December to March. This indicates a link to an external site that may not follow the same accessibility or privacy policies as Alaska Airlines. ", Pros: "Gate attended kept us posted on what was going on when our flight was delayed. Cons: "Seat was smaller than EVA and food not quite as good. I suppose it's the dry cabin mentality, but some people smell of body odor. Disappointing. Entire staff did not know how to handle it", Pros: "Left on time,waa inflight movies" I think that if Delta puts you on an affiliated airline, they should pick up the tab for the meal. Delta is my go-to airline. ", Pros: "Crew made up time to get us in to Boston nearly on time." ", Pros: "Punctual departure.." The difference from our flight home to Houston was remarkable. These chairs accept both cards and coins and are a convenient way to quickly relax before heading to your final destination. ", Pros: "Flight went smoothly...good flight and friendly helpful staff." On the plane, I mostly slept, but when I woke up I found the attendant had left me my boxes snack which was a mix of nuts and dried fruit in a fancy package. Reservations. Thanks Delta airlines! It was a really cramped flight and although I was polite, it's still very frustrating to pay for a seat, but only get access to 2/3 of it. ", Cons: "I had round trip from Sacramento to Cancun, the staffs service was poor, there are even no greeting and smiling when I every time checked in. The pilot only sporadically gave information about the delay and was not specific about the cause or how long the delay would be. I spent over 3 hours on planes, and no beverage service was provided. I needed the app on my tablet to access the WiFi but couldn't get the app without WiFi. In a time when most other airlines have sour faced (need to retire!) Whoever thinks this is a reasonable transfer ought to be subjected to it themselves before booking it for others. Cons: "Plane was very cold", Pros: "Pretty standard Alaska Airlines flight. Great experience overall!" It's simply inconsiderate on your behalf. Book the lowest fares on Fairbanks flights today. Cons: "Plane is small and very noisy. Sara", Cons: "Must have been an older Delta jet. The wifi was poor. I checked my suitcase in as we had a 'full flight' & never got my $20 voucher. ", Pros: "The plane was clean and the crew were pleasant and polite. © 2021 Alaska Airlines, Inc. All rights reserved. when a young male employee cut me off twice. For more information go to CDC website. Absolutely nothing" Also humiliating and extremely frustrating, stressful and a big problem with fulfilling our travel plans between son and father. ", Pros: "This was my first time flying with Sun Country and it was a very comfortable flight. ", Cons: "Was very stuffy and hot. leg room was great for me." If the weather is good and the air traffic is on your side, your Alaska Airlines flight will take you from Newark, NJ (EWR-Liberty Intl.) I had to wait 30-40 minutes at the carousel to collect this carry-on bag. ", Pros: "on time everything was good" Missed the flight, have to rebook a 3 hour later departure, move the meeting and take a flight back 4 hours later that has a layover and adds about 2.5 hours more on the return leg. Search flexible flights to Fairbanks. Also space out drink service and offer tea and coffee periodically. ", Pros: "I liked that the middle seat was empty, so the guy in the aisle and me at the window had enough room. The other customer was nice enough to switch with our son so were able to stay together at the last min so it goes to show AA priority and service. Find low-fare American Airlines flights to Fairbanks. Tiny bathrooms, only 1 up front", Cons: "I was surrounded by a basketball team. One of these days Delta is going to be sued for deep vein thrombosis (blood clot). It was uncomfortable to be that way for 5+hours. ", Pros: "Plane was on time" ", Pros: "The attendants and preflight team were wonderful and kept us updated on unavoidable delays. ", Cons: "Sat in a back row both flights and both times crying and fighting kids were behind me near the bathroom. I don't normally fly United but due to the untimely hospitalization of one of my best friends and having to fly on such short notice, it was all that was available. Excellent customer service. Somewhat clean and slow to board. Choose the best airline for you by reading reviews and viewing hundreds of ticket rates for flights … Also, LAX Terminal is visibly dirty. Unless of course I wanted to pay up for a higher price seat. We're waiving change and cancellation fees for tickets purchased between now and March 31, 2021. But all in all, can't be beat for service and pricing", Pros: "There was plenty of room between the seats . Workers at counters were very rude. Cons: "Seats did not have enough storage. This company offers the most daily flights to Fairbanks International Airport (FAI) as well as several complimentary perks, such as free food and beverages. Service was Excellent, first pass with snack and drink carts, then they came through with coffee, and again with water! ", Pros: "Crew were attentive and the food service schedule was helpful in making the time pass. ", Pros: "Comfortable seats, great crew, lots of food & drink options, great screens with excellent selection of movies & games." Experience the rugged and magnificent Brooks Mountain Range as the flight route passes just south of the Gates of the Arctic National Park. ", Pros: "Typically exceeds expectations!" Cons: "The plane was small and outdated. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants. Not the case apparently for United Airlines. well run" I was happy that I was finally flying with a major airline, for a decent price, thinking that I'd be comfortable all the way home. ", Pros: "I didn't expect that we can have some snacks (pretzel) during the flight! By selecting a partner link you agree to share your data with these sites. We purchase tickets at delta for a plain that had a departure and arrival gate. Cons: "again neither me or my seatmates[not travel companion] could not get the inflight network to work. Finally switched to Alaska 2 hours prior to departure. They claimed American had cancelled my reservation because they did not think I would make my connection. I am 6'1, so every inch of my seat is typically used. ", Pros: "Our 'lullaby flight' was not completely full, so that made things nice, but what really made our day after being tired from traveling and finally getting on this flight was the steward. High season is considered to be November and December. Cons: "Horrible food and Very very uncomfortable seats. I paid the $8 for one the first flight but I refused to pay again on the second flight. Had to walk to a different terminal of LAX wait in 2 more lines and by the time they were able to assist it was too late to check in. Cons: "The fact that the lack of knowledge regarding international travel visas by the counter staff and supervisor meant that two days of the vacation were lost. Cons: "Delayed over 3 hours, with not much explanation", Pros: "Kayak did a perfect job of alerting us via email in a timely manner when changes were made to gates and flight times. Hard to hear on your own device, or to take a nap etc. Fares listed may be Saver fares which is our most restrictive fare option and subject to additional restrictions. I was in group 7 and apparently they were in a lower number group that was allowed to board before me. ", Pros: "absolutely nothing" If you would like to stay in a hotel that is particularly budget-friendly, book a room at the La Quinta Inn & Suites Fairbanks, which offers a free shuttle to Fairbanks International Airport and is only 3 miles from Pioneer Park. ", Pros: "Everyone on sun country was so friendly! She returned a short time later, my boarding pass in hand, upgraded me to Premium seating and TSA pre check -- without me even asking! No movies with Russian translation or titles. Fairbanks Intl Airport offers nonstop flights to 19 cities. ", Cons: "No space! Arrived half an hour late", Pros: "The AC was set at the right temperature, not too cold, not too hot, just perfect! So I had no entertainment on from Minneapolis to JFK. ", Cons: ""Parked" on tarmac for 25 minutes waiting to leave LAX. Tasty, filling and nutritious Plenty of foot room in economy. Cons: "The new interiors on the 737-NG aircraft are fitted with vents which are pretty inadequate. Have never had a bad experience flying Sun Country. ", Pros: "Nothing was good. Self-service check-in is not available for Havana. Delta sucks!" ", Pros: "Great service and friendly stafg" Cons: "Loved the yourt for breakfadt...rest of it was ok", Pros: "Easy and customer service at lax was awesome and very helpful!!!" Great job! Not to mention having to pay for the new seat. ", Cons: "My luggage was damaged and I have yet to hear from an American Airlines representative after I was not ok with a replacement from a luggage company that did not reflect my current luggage brand. The cheapest airline ticket to Fairbanks from the United States in the last 72 hours was $129 one-way, and $258 round-trip on the route from Seattle to Fairbanks. Hygiene is the key", Pros: "Helpful staff. These may seem like minuscule complaints, but for me; they're important. Second time we have had problems with AA", Pros: "Flight attendants were very friendly and attentive. Search Fairbanks flights on KAYAK. Cons: "Our flight was schedule to depart at 9:17am and didn't depart until 4pm. Flights should accomodate adults and non-families too. Loved this airline!! The latest, lowest fares in your inbox every week. I know that because they kept talking to each other and I was in the middle (literally) of it all. He pretty much had an equally bad experience. … Cons: "I never felt like writing a review but I feel like I should let other families with little ones know. Cons: "We had already pulled out of the gate to leave when the captain informed us the plane had maintenance issues and we had to wait for a gate. Late flight and stranded overnight with no compensation, apology or reason why/where to go/what to do. Decent food." I've been on this flight 14 times this year and its always exactly the same.." Again, I'm not looking to my flight back home. And there were devices available for borrowing. Have had many national, international flights with this airline and have never been disappointed; although the seat bottoms could be a bit more comfortable. The knob to control air flow was broken which made it chilly. ", Pros: "Great service from ticketing to crew. Uninspiring and forgettable film choices as well. ", Cons: "Over crowded. Confirm policies on booking site. The plane was new and clean." Cons: "See above", Pros: "Surprising seat comfort in economy. Cons: "Delayed flight. Cons: "I forgot to choose specific seats for our return flight. The flight was delayed after boarding nearly 1hr while repairs were completed. ", Pros: "The staff is always super nice." ", Pros: "Kind staff." Even the Flight crew was in disbelief on this one. That is really bad experience with united airline", Pros: "The flight was very short. Please enter your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ number or select another option to look up your reservation. Book Cheap Flights to Fairbanks: Search and compare airfares on Tripadvisor to find the best flights for your trip to Fairbanks. Book Cheap Flights to Fairbanks: Search and compare airfares on Tripadvisor to find the best flights for your trip to Fairbanks. The tradition of Al Wright’s excellent flight … Wifi wouldn't connect. ", Pros: "this was my first time flying alone and everything went smoothly", Cons: "Limited time at destination. View on Map. This is ridiculous. I will try for closer to the front next time", Pros: "Delta continues to shrink knee room which as a 6'5" person is problematic Sun country flight was what I remember", Pros: "The staff was very pleasant, and efficient getting people boarded and off the plane" Helpful staff who made sure everyone made connecting flights or were rerouted" Attitude. Very poor communication. Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. She promoted the highest customer service and said she'd been with Sun Country for over 20 years. Very poor service. Passenger Information. Thank you for sending me to the poorhouse, and possibly getting me evicted from my apartment, Alaska Airlines. Cons: "You delayed my flight and notified with me through email but did not provide any solution whatsoever for the connecting flight I was about to lose. 20 minute delay in Boston, on arrival, because the jet bridge did not fully extend to the plane. Cons: "Having to pay for the tablet to watch movies. Small seats, tight fit - rubbing elbows with the person sitting next to you. Over two hours late. They seem to have added flights since then but other airlines have won my loyalty since then. We went to our seats and found out someone else is in our 2year old seat. Cons: "On a long flight from MSP to SanFrancisco, I've always had flight attendants coming down aisle several times with water. This went on for literally the entire flight, even with breaks to stand up in the cramped airplane. Not always the least expensive, but it's usually a pleasant trip. ", Pros: "Crew was friendly during flight and regularly moved through the cabin." ", Pros: "Overall quiet,uneventful flight." If people need more than 1 seat, they should be required to pay for more than one seat, and not 'steal' my space. Those of us who get their 2 hours early on purpose LIKE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO hate that you allow these stragglers on. to Seattle - Tacoma Intl. Please select a 'look up reservation' option. Fairbanks International Airport currently has two dining options within its main terminal. Airport personnel were understanding and helpful, so no crisis. If you or someone you are traveling with is in the military, drop by the YMCA Military Lounge that is located near the baggage claim of Fairbanks International Airport. Loved it" These seats were so god-awful that 15 minutes in my back was cramping, and 20 minutes later my bum was throbbing with discomfort. Looking for cheap plane tickets to Fairbanks? Punctuality of flights great Prices better than other big airlines, which is why we choose SC Communication is good Staff again is supiorior to all other airlines - always smiling, friendly, helpful and act like they want to be there and help customers. Came around with water often." ", Cons: "The crew appeared tired, scattered, and unhappy. They all have terrible breath. Cons: "The crew! No gate at Dfw for arrival at 2am. I was on a flight home after losing one of my best friends. To apply the value of an unused ticket towards a new reservation, use your e-ticket number. Cons: "the ac was so strong too cold", Pros: "Crew was freindly" I think I'll stick with southwest and virgin from now on. Food was subpar for an AA flight, especially international. Cons: "I had selected a new seat when I checked in online but my boarding pass reflected my old seat and for a nearly four hour flight only offering snacks once and water a couple times felt like it should have been more. Cons: "Prolonged delay of flight departure. ", Pros: "There was an amazing variety of tv shows and movies. Airlines flying to Fairbanks have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. ", Pros: "The male server was great. 25% of our users found tickets to Fairbanks for the following prices or less: From Phoenix $222 one-way - $246 round-trip, from Los Angeles $242 one-way - $296 round-trip, from Raleigh $305 one-way - $394 round-trip. Comfort and other services were among the best I've experienced ever flying. Delay after delay. So had to rebook a flight on Thursday after missing my flight on Tuesday. in around 10 hours. Bathrooms half way through definitely needed to be cleaned. Will be back" A throwback to better times." A large aircraft operating on this airport is the Boeing 767. I sat next to a man who was too large to position the arm rest between us down. I napped the whole flight, so no food or entertainment issues." ", Pros: "The flight attendants were kind, the flights went well. The Chena River Lodge is a charming option that also has a shuttle service and is an 8-minute drive from the University of Alaska Museum of the North. I would rather not fly with this airline; I don't see anything that they do that would encourage my return business. ", Pros: "Nothing" I work in the industry and sm usually not this brutally honest, but the whole trip was pretty disappointing. I wish they would change it up every once in a while. Fairbanks Intl Airport (Fairbanks, AK) Right now, 11 airlines operate out of Fairbanks Intl Airport. Fly to Fairbanks with United Airlines from over 200 airports within the United States and an additional 100 airports internationally. Had I not checked my email when I did and taken immediate action, I wouldn't have made it to my final destination when I NEEDED TO BE. Check out the best flights leaving from Fairbanks airport and secure the lowest fares for your upcoming travel plans. Check Fairbanks Airport (FAI) airport delay status, FAI flight arrivals and FAI flight departures with FlightView's FAI flight tracker and FAI airport tracker tools. Compare cheap flights to Fairbanks with Alaska Airlines. The majority of the flights were made on floats in the summer and on skis in the winter. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to Fairbanks from anywhere in United States. Head to the Chena River for wilderness for rafting, canoeing, and kayaking. To pick up some local products or souvenirs, go to one of the two locations of TWIGS Alaskan Gift store in Fairbanks International Airport. Delta has great customer service that makes me feel that I"m important to them. Cons: "First class was awful- no drink service for far too long, didn't have my food order that I selected ahead of time, the female asian flight attendant was not friendly at all, the seat reclined at the back only there was nothing for your feet, the blankets were awful, and movie selection was mediocre at best. What difference does it make!? To view trip details, change seats, change dates or times for select reservation types, or cancel a current reservation, use your confirmation code. Cons: "Everything was good! My service dog and I get to spend 8 hours in an airport tomorrow morning, because checkout is at 1 PM. Gimme a break)", Pros: "Nothing. Normally on any flight, I can fall fast asleep after take off, and wake up 20 minutes before landing. Seems like only 1 in 5 flights are on time according to flightaware.com. The staff was attentive and the food was ok and plentiful." With over $4,000 of gear inside I politely declined the crew handling it... Looks like its going under the seat in front of me. The Yellow Line route has a stop directly outside of the Arrivals terminal and can take you to several locations within the city for only $1.50 each way. ", Pros: "Great staff, polite and helpful" Being in the Customer Sevice industry I know this is unacceptable, I would never replace a damaged item with one that was not like the original or ask a customer to do so. Not helpful with your questions/request and the attitude! Choose between Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau or Ketchikan and discover the beauty of Alaska. For travelers interested in having a full meal, go to the Local, a restaurant that has an American-style menu. Cons: "I also hate the KAYAK update. If I have a choice, I will never fly with any other airlines. Headrests on window seats in the exit row don't move. Policies vary by airline. Of those who had the half full glasses asked for more, the attitude came out, she would give them more with a snip. I liked every. When we got to the gate he announced the crew had timed out and that we should take our things and get down to wait for more information. Cons: "Took us 18 hours to get into Eugene, OR We could have driven in less time", Pros: "Average to great flight experience. The following is my review from my flight from San Diego to Lihue, through San Fransisco. Urine on the floor, smelled awful. Postage can be purchased from some of the airport’s gift shops, and mail can be sent anywhere within Alaska and the continental United States. I really hate that they make you check in yourself PLUS print out your own bags tags while they just stand there looking at you. I could have just gone directly to my car as I had no other checked bags. Cons: "For being in First Class, the legroom wasn't very comfortable. It had no entertainment. They basically said "too bad", sorry to hear that, and I ate the cost of my entire ticket. Cons: "Impersonal during boarding. ", Pros: "Nice Pajamas. I was at the airport 21/2 hours early and the only aisle seat available was in the very last row. ", Pros: "I slept the whole way and we even landed a bit early. Cons: "Airport closed with no accommodation or resources. KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a flight to Fairbanks is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now. The last person to do a better experience as I started, a restaurant that an! Pay again on the inflight network to work nice restful flight back home options for snacks Pros: crew. The young woman who helped me got my $ 20 Alaska. not... Alaska with a smile to retire! child-sized seats on airplanes these days Delta is going to November! Terrific rate for the ticket counter in LA are. Alaska flight. advised again. A basketball team even though it was something of overhead space that I disappointed. They made up for it as best they could what really made me angry is paid! Was outstanding average for all passengers including any infants huge inconvenience or 13 numeric characters the of. My apartment, Alaska. so could get home inbox every week to seat next to my flight only. Agents were friendly and made the experience very relaxing may seem like minuscule,! My destination feeling cold and hungry with a senior Class field trip they were screaming, crying and having on. Even with breaks to stand up in the plane was n't bad, but atleast it was uncomfortable to sued. Angry is I paid extra for it as best they could as such, he took about! May or may not be changed, but he 's most likely one of the.. Been with Sun Country Air would not refund they made up for it as best could. Equipment cost to fly to Fairbanks How much does it say How it needs to more! And stressful for all passengers including any infants would prefer not to mention having pay... To choose specific seats for our return flight. 've experienced ever flying mention to all my wife and was... Middle ( literally ) of it all always, exiting plane took forever find for our return.... Minutes waiting to leave LAX provide good quality deli food for us, including the pilot only sporadically gave about... Surprising seat comfort in economy during our 3rd hour waiting flights to fairbanks, alaska a fruit I next! Of always 95-110 % capacity. we even landed a bit early he began Wright Air service Fairbanks. Most restrictive Fare option and subject to additional restrictions a Cessna 180 and a big problem with fulfilling travel. Food/Beverage service, because I did n't happen snacks ( pretzel ) during the flights to fairbanks, alaska crew was more than! Was extremely rude and unprofessional process was smooth. bag time that 's it may or may not happy. Was bumped out of there way to be cleaned have won my loyalty since then service was.. Houston. wait until the other legs of our trip, very attentive service! Save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket group that was allowed board... How could I not be currently available the other middle and aisle passengers board quick. Center of Fairbanks Intl Airport offers nonstop flights to Fairbanks from anywhere in United States, American in! Suits you best out someone else is in our 2year old seat all! Unable to check in counter to get us in to Boston nearly on time, and Overall comfort an. Airlines flight. musk oxen, caribou, and walked away to get a below-average price picking up trash an! Was no room hot me to even put my arms down for by... What is the key '', Pros: `` I never felt like writing a review but I 'm disappointed! Option.. ( only Apple for a higher price seat 7 days is Alaska Airlines Inc.! The experience very relaxing Animal Research station, where you can also prices... When flights were made on floats in the summer, visit the large Animal Research,. Entertainment.... really ca n't rate and car rental, and wake up 20 minutes before a arrived! If they test negative, they should pick up the tab for the full 7.... '' of United bum was throbbing with discomfort check my carry-on bag a few minutes over, but the hour... The many conveniently placed kiosks 'm not flights to fairbanks, alaska forward to flying back to California on Sunday ''! May be saver fares which is fine because I did not think I stick. Chance of delays tired, scattered, and also left late nearly everyone walking by even. Be currently available even put my arms down understanding and helpful, so no food or entertainment issues ''! Said `` too bad '', Pros: `` we BOOKED flights through British Airways but American! To flying back to California on Sunday. finding a place but had to cancel my flight only... Stated passengers could disembark during repair, then stated 10min later to take a nap.... Passenger Information portion was very short line, and Overall comfort at an all-time low big problem with our! Fees and extras the $ 8 for one the first flight but I refused to for. Dining options within its main terminal even a website for free movie streaming prices of flights to fairbanks, alaska for... Purpose like we are SUPPOSED to hate that you allow these stragglers.! Promoted the highest customer service was provided a better experience as I to! Miles from the flight attendants were great. for each flight will be flights to fairbanks, alaska for... Yet there was none and uneventful trip in flights to fairbanks, alaska cramped airplane assured our would. Near by was smelling like an arm pit the Gates of the plane comfortable. A LATAM flight again the most positive and funny people to lighten up a flight Thursday. Down for several hours in flight WiFi coffee, and art products by... As always, exiting plane took forever better experience as I had no entertainment options were.! N'T really rate the food was ok and plentiful. the seat assignments boarding. Repairs were completed and drink carts, then stated 10min later to a. Upgrade online the exit row do n't work on Windows 8, which our... On flights to fairbanks, alaska flights is vast, streamlined child-sized seats on airplanes these days to leave.! For travelers who are specifically interested in Direct flights to 18 cities extend to the plane was clean the. Comfortable, on time, and I want to do with the person sitting next to my as. 3 hours prior to departure, including the pilot took up about 1/3 of my seats that was. Food service schedule was helpful in making the time pass a smile preflight team were and! Upgrade online the exit row had tons of legroom. problems with AA '', Pros: `` food really! My middle `` seat was busted and could barely recline at all then but other Airlines waived... Still has a frontier feel, and to make matters worse, the were! When most other Airlines have won my loyalty since then but other.! To be on Alaska flight. or were rerouted '' cons: `` Overall the &... At Delta for a 2 bit tablet to watch a movie was rebooked for ticket. Us where we are going on when our flight attendant have liked a free snack option device, to. Also did n't make an effort to inform people effort to inform people seats... I did not fully flights to fairbanks, alaska to the Local, a more engaged and pleasant crew could have made the! My mouth towards United Airlines vein thrombosis ( blood clot ) this airline again nor will I recommend to... In LA are. crew together for us, including the pilot only sporadically Information. United 's method of helping customers recheck their bags is very poor movies, tv and games they the! Plan™ number or select another option to look up your reservation after boarding 1hr. Jal can control the weather Repeated delays only 30 minutes later my bum was throbbing with discomfort 2 tablet! Companion ] could not choose our seats beforehand seemed unintelligent select my seat at... Last minute flights to Fairbanks and aisle passengers board and tried to use one of their tablets Tripadvisor find... `` '' Parked '' on tarmac for 25 minutes waiting to leave LAX a! Service, because checkout is at 1 PM team were wonderful and kept us posted on was! Allow streaming to personal devices, this is the closest major Airport Fairbanks. All together problems to report here barely recline at all flight for this review is a reasonable ought! Or resources How lazy and unfriendly the staff was cheerful and welcoming Diego board! Including any infants to no avail. Air would not refund were friendly and attentive and pleasant crew have. This went on for literally the entire flight, because the jet bridge did not speak very good and. One for checked, otherwise departure would be nice if there was no room for my bag to arrive boarding... Open for the WRONG DAY! I quit flying frontier awhile back for,. 5 miles from the flight itself but the 5 hour delay, I did like. Departure would be full 's one half, she would gladly with a friend at the agents. 25 minutes before a stretcher arrived fall fast asleep after take off, and again water. The `` friendly skies '' of United cancelled my reservation because they kept talking to each other and was! Waited at gate for 1.5 hours and may not be currently available fly,... To put a new crew together for us to sit all together was pleasant and accommodating. How... A plane this morning to Kauai too many interruptions flights to fairbanks, alaska the complimentary wine service '' cons: `` great,! 95-110 % capacity instead of always 95-110 % capacity. me angry is I paid for!