The Kai was trying to catch his breath, stunned at the demon’s strength. It was not unlike the sense of dread that had gripped Bulma years ago when Vegeta had sacrificed himself on the battlefield. Dragon Ball Z "Multiverse". Introductions. The characters in Dragon Ball Multiverse all have varying traits and personalities. 1 Appearance 2 History 2.1 Multiverse Tournament 2.2 Majin Invasion Nedwook takes on an appearance similar to a Human, with a hairstyle similar to a Saiyan. Nappa ripped her from the sky, spinning her body over and through the air, slamming her violently against the ground. She came to the Multiverse Tournament as a spectator. Cell, seeing his one true rival suddenly take flight, took off in pursuit, irritated. Energy reserves: sufficient.”. The haze finally cleared, revealing Cell’s damaged form, trembling with rage. Once finally outside, they stopped to catch their breath. Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール, Doragon Bōru?, litt. Extending his arm, Cell fired a powerful Kikoha haphazardly in his direction, then, while Nedwook adjusted himself to counter, teleported right behind him. Cell, the perfect android from Universe 17, had regenerated himself, now covered in the liquid typical of said process. “Dodging this is nothing! Perhaps in Universe 17 his people had never been forced to develop their technology to such a degree, or known the horrors they had braved — first the Kolloks, then the Saiyans, then the Frost Demon armies... and on top of that, his own reflexes and reaction time were out of the ordinary. Phipsil is a Heloïte soldier from Universe 19. Some also consider it to be better than Dragon Ball Super to the point of forming a Fandom Rivalry since it's more hotly debated. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. And any fights with forfeits, I will not either. However, as Bra left the ground, a brutal hand grabbed her by the ankle and jerked her downwards. “Don’t tell me... you don’t know how to whistle! It seems I’m still yet to break your fighting spirit,” he exclaimed, delighted as he resumed his fighting stance. Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team. I’ll tell you what I told him. Assorted Animation, Comics & … In the meantime we need to find Piccolo, he’ll only worry about us more if we aren’t with him.”. Both of his arms trembled from the android’s raw power, but the monster had vastly underestimated him. “And now, embrace the eternal torment that I, the King of Demons, will bring to bear upon you!!”. Their fierce duel had been going on for some time now, with neither managing to truly gain the upper hand. That wasn’t to say that Piccolo Daimao wasn’t panting just as hard as his opponent. I slaughtered your entire planet, each fighter wearing that same ridiculous armor! Cell from U17 vs Dabura from U11. Perhaps it doesn’t work against his own attacks! RULES. He was perplexed most of all as to what it was that had so affected Gohan. “He’s still alive. He fully believed himself to be the stronger of the two, but all the same he wanted to prove it by crushing the Super Saiyan. That’s madness!”. Dragon Ball Multiverse Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Universo de ideas creativas y para nada absurdas Cell staggered from the pain in his shoulder, but he wasn’t allowed time to recover. Videl spun back around, panicked. This ball is divided up in two halves: the lower half is the realm of the living (or "The Universe") and the upper half is the Other World (or "The Cosmos"), with Hell located between the two halves, the Demon Realmis located in the bottom of the living universe… He grumbled in pain, but continued dodging the rest of them — the Kienzan slicing through the asteroid’s surface to be lost in space. “Don’t worry, where you’re going you’ll have an eternity to practice!” he exclaimed, sneering. He tried drawing the discs back towards me, but even Freeza saw through such an obvious move. The battle strategy, however, was far more to his advantage than Gohan’s. Stealthily, she managed to sneak her way to an exit that led to the exterior of the grandstands. One managed to strike him on the left shoulder, separating the muscles of his arm with a deep gash. Half of his body had been obliterated, and the perfect being was cursing and swearing loudly. Even following Cell’s movements had not been difficult, though he assumed the insect had merely been toying with him so far. He couldn’t afford to maintain the barrier, in large part due to the energy expenditure it required, and he knew even if he won this fight he still had work to do. She knew Nappa was hot on their tail, and hoped to lose him amongst the maze of corridors and hallways. Phipsil’s face was heavy with fear, while Nedwook gritted his teeth in frustration. The damn god was resilient, not only refusing to give in but also managing to give as good as he got. An Online Comic : Dragon Ball Multiverse based on DBZ - ドラゴンボールマルチバース Phipsil joined him, wearing a smile. Gohan smiled, the Kienzan chasing in his wake. Reassured, he flew away to join his comrades in the battle against Cold. Page 41/79. Eliem, along with his comrades participated in the Multiverse Tournament in hopes of winning the grand prize of the Dragon Balls to restore life to their planet that is being destroyed by Carbonite. He came to the Multiverse Tournament as a spectator. The North Kai, unwilling to die, teleported safely away, sketching a petty grin as he vanished. It’s over, Gohan — you can’t possibly fight me with just one hand!”, “Tell me, Cell...” Gohan replied, smiling back. He delivered a sharp kick to Gohan’s face, who took it full force. Cell flung his arm ahead and fired the Makankosappo from extremely close range — a fair response after the Kamehameha he’d received moments ago. Seizing a brief opening, Gohan launched a double Kikoha at Cell, but the perfect being raised his shield just in time to block them. A respectable performance indeed! Employing nearly all the energy he had left, Nedwook fired a thin laser beam that sliced through everything — drawing from the tip of his index finger, he traced a zig zag pattern at Cell. He followed up with a knee that rocked the android’s jaw and a hook that sent him waltzing even further. Having witnessed his efforts from below, she was delighted to see him eliminate several very dangerous enemies at once. Just wait, I’ll take care of you shortly!”. There were also the soldiers of Universe 8 to worry about, who were patrolling about or raiding the apartments. Trending pages. Higher above, Nedwook stared at Cell with unease, analyzing the situation with his nano-tech. Maintaining a defensive stance, Daimao’s eyes widened in curiosity at a sad spectacle unfolding before him. Noting his annoyed look, the girl questioned her former statement and turned her attention downwards as well. His limbs, chest, neck, even his head, were all severed into small pieces. “Thinking like your father, eh? Meanwhile, in the heavens above the battlefield, a spectacle of agility was being demonstrated by Son Gohan. Dragon Ball Multiverse. But he himself was a soldier, not only professionally trained for such instances, but also experienced and hardened by disasters, wars, and death. “Ever defiant to the end, you made one hell of a last stand...though ultimately futile against...”. She came to the Multiverse Tournament as a spectator. “You’re every bit as powerful as I’d hoped, Gohan! Kakarotto is a Saiyan from Universe 13 and one of the four surviving warriors from the fallen Saiyan race and the son of Baddack and Hanasia. Phipsil is a young woman with short golden hair. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. The concept of a multiverse has become synonymous with Dragon Ball Super, ever since Beerus revealed the existence of multiple universes in 2013’s Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.Yet, one fan comic managed to beat that movie to the punch. Nedwook has spiky black hair, while wearing typical Heloïte soldier's armor. But you’ll see the difference in technology firsthand! She’d done her job of finishing off the Universe 8 troops in the stadium and had come to offer her companion reinforcements. The last thing she saw was Nappa’s twisted grin as she collapsed, Bra’s immobile form just a few feet away. “Achk...” the perfect warrior coughed and spat. Cell and Gohan were reared back for yet another strike when Son’s mind was suddenly sent into a violent panic, overwhelmed by an unknown urgency. “Tsh!” Daimao groaned. “Fine, we’ll do it your way!” he laughed. He wouldn’t actually try to hit me with that injured hand? Whatever the cost, she would protect Vegeta’s daughter, hoping with all her heart that someone would come to their aid in time. “You... heartless bastard! In truth, this was the outcome he had planned all along. Eleim (エリーム, Erīmu) is a Heloïte soldier and the leader of the contestant group ofUniverse 19. If not, he hoped he’d be forgiven once the god was resurrected later on. But Nedwook remained silent, his eyes fixed on the heap of smoke in the Universe 3 area. Due to the fact that many of them carry over from the original Dragon Ball, plus the multitude of characters in this comic, this Character Page will discuss the different universes and their premises. He fluttered amongst the dozens of energy disks, trying to get as close as possible to Cell, who remained below, arms outstretched to guide his attacks. 453 likes. Dragon ball Multiverse Chap 66 tiếng việt,Dragon ball Multiverse Chap 66 mới nhất,Dragon ball Multiverse Chap 66 vietsub,Dragon ball Multiverse Chap 66 full Bra was lying face down, covered in blood, her energy having plummeted — but she was still alive, at least for the moment. Ha ha haaa, that’s hilarious!”. Possessing Ultra Armor, Phipsil is a considerably powerful opponent, being able to easily blast a hole through Dabura's chest. Nappa stared up at Videl sadistically. He wouldn’t let her die, he just wouldn’t... if that were to happen... he... he. At the last second, the latter pulled back his fist and instead slammed his left elbow right into Cell. RELATED: Ranked: Best Dragon Ball Sagas Of All Time Created by Salagir and Gogeta Jr, Dragon Ball Multiverse very quickly became a worldwide hit, using … Such excitement, such tension, it pushed him to his absolute best. I will not do the special chapters. Many think the main universe, U18, fell into this since they get little spotlight despite them supposedly being the 'canonical' universe. “A true warrior?” he boomed with a chuckle. !” exclaimed Videl, rushing him. 1 Appearance 2 Personlity 3 Biography 3.1 Third Round 4 Power 5 Transformations 5.1 Majin 6 Gallery Naurb appears to be a young man with black hair with a hairstyle similar to a Saiyan. “Hyaaah!” Gohan exclaimed, clenching his fists and sending a mighty Kaia ahead. The Heloite hadn’t even followed his movements... it was all too easy. Dragon Ball Multiverse. ayÚdame a crecer mi canal dejando tu like! But at that very moment, a massive explosion sounded above their heads — the intensity of the shockwave was such that the Namek’s attack destabilized and disappeared. The bio-android truly hadn’t seen the attack coming, barely managing to keep his balance. Now several feet away, Gohan was panting and sweating, his left hand held out, now scarred, bloody, and trembling. The second Son Gohan was still a threat to his master, and he would need to have strength remaining to keep the Saiyan out of the way. His right arm had been obliterated, along with most of his right leg. All the same, she refused to abandon Bra to this monster. The Dragon Ball Multiverse. “And so the fight continues!”. Abandoning his fight with Cell immediately and instinctively, he fired up his aura at full strength and blasted outside the arena. Grimacing, Cell regenerated the right half of his body, leg, and arm. “Two targets struck, both kills confirmed. Cell glared back at them, wearing a mischievous grin all the while. Immediately, he connected with a barrage of strikes that the Saiyan could barely keep up with. Needless to say, the Kaioshin wasn’t sure he would be able to win this fight. The Western Supreme Kai of Universe 1 is the only current female Kaioshin. In this Facebook fan page, you can be aware of every new release. Gohan tells Phipsil they only fight one-on-one. He had managed to block the special beam, but at the sacrifice of his left arm. An extremely concentrated energy began to build at his outstretched fingertips, and Gohan understood the danger immediately. And he’s hardly lost any energy...” the Heloite said bitterly. This ignorant human was pathetic, not once had she even considered that he was able to detect energy signatures, not to mention camouflage his own. Cell’s words evaporated from his mind and his mouth, realizing what Gohan was insinuating. He came as a spectator. Cell grinned cruelly, viewing this as a signal of his victory. His priority was to finish this one and then move on to the next. 56K likes. Demonic Possession: Due to the apocalypse Hirudegarn caused to his people, he forcefully sealed half of his body in his own. Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. Community. “Nooooooo!” Daimao exclaimed, just as the energy lazer cleaved his body in two, from his pelvis up through his cranium. I’m a far better fighter than Freeza, there’s no way such a feeble effort will work on me!”. “It’s pretty isolated out here,” Videl finally said. His body began to tremble, his mind filled with terror centered around Videl and her well-being. “All credit where it’s due, you’ve proven invaluable in helping to increase my raw power! Due to the fact that many of them carry over from the original Dragon Ball, plus the multitude of characters in this comic, this Character Page will discuss the different universes and their premises. No one was around. Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. In Daizenshuu 4, Daizenshuu 7, Dragon Ball Landmark, and the Dragon Ball: Super Exciting Guides, Akira Toriyama explains that he envisioned the Dragon Ball cosmos as a big ball. You’re way out of your depth, little minnow!”. Phipsil replied, frightened. This was Subverted Later when Dr. Raichi unsealed the box; Half the Man He Used to Be: Possibly. It reversed course towards Cell at top speed, the bio-android not bothering to try and regain control — he merely dodged it with a quick hop step backwards. With a quick gesture, he bent his right arm and placed the hand near his left shoulder. One of the discs managed to even overtake him, but he concentrated his aura at the point of impact and managed to catch and deflect the Kienzan. Just as he was about to backhand the nano-warrior, and cleanly sever his head, Nedwook spun and intercepted the attack with his left, while activating his shield in the other arm. Multiverse was made specifically to be a better sequel to Dragon Ball Z than Dragon Ball GT, and going by the fan reception, it succeeded in its goal. Energy reserves: very low.”. Dragon ball Multiverse Thế giới này tồn tại không chỉ một vũ trụ, mà còn tồn tại song song rất rất nhiều vũ trụ khác nhau. Two electric energy balls formed at the center. It was a result other than the one he’d hoped to have after the attack. Both sets of eyes were riveted on the debris cloud, seeing a powerful electric aura cast a shadow from within. Gohan’s wife coughed half a pint of blood, choking and gagging awfully as she gasped for each breath — the force of the blow had broken several of her bones, and it felt as if her insides had all been compressed into a tight ball. Topic Archived; You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Noticing that his attack hadn’t managed to actually pierce his foe, Cell released the beam. “Just thinking about Vegeta’s face when I toss his daughter’s brutalized corpse at his feet gets me all riled up, hah! His greatest fear of all had come true — having been focused entirely on his fight, his wife had been left undefended and had suffered at the hands of evil. Gohan’s thoughts were focused on his surroundings, yet in the back of his mind he was still searching for a way to get out of this. I will also not do Chapter 1 because there are no fights. Dragon Ball Multiverse Discussion. Near the end of the battle Cell gets hit by Dabura's Stoning spit … “We might be better off in the arena, I can sense Piccolo’s energy there. Spreading his wings, he began dodging the energy discs to the best of his ability. His duty to protect others would always come first, but a strange sensation was slowly coming over him — the pride of fighting on the front lines like his father had, facing down enemies just as strong as himself, or even more. “Back in your universe, all those years ago, did it come down to a final Kamehameha battle between the two of us in the end?”, “Indeed,” came the answer. That should have brought the nano-warrior relief, but something was wrong. Dragon Ball Multiverse Summary G.A.W storyline of Piccolo day, Victoria spend her time celebrating her admiration for Piccolo since she wanted to show how much she adored him. Dragon Ball Multiverse has Loads and Loads of Characters, so it's no surprise many of them end up being underused or wasted. But such were the ultras: super-humans themselves, with the addition of nanotechnology. Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z Discussion. Son Gohan allowed a reassuring smile, knowing that Cell didn’t have an answer for his attack, which he’d pushed to the max. Having been weakened by Dabra, it was all he could do to keep up with the resourceful and evil Namekian — who seemed to be handling the fight without quite so much difficulty. Preparing for a possible feint, Cell instead directed his full attention to blocking Gohan’s right fist. View source. Do you remember what I said? You didn’t need me after all!” she said, bumping her fist against his shoulder. In return for his boldness, Cell merely glared at him with contempt. “Quick thinking, boy,” he laughed. He sneered with cruelty and shouted at the trembling Heloites. The latter grinned, thinking this was an all too familiar tactic. This attack had not been enough to trigger a zenkai, proof positive that he was indeed superior to Gohan, if only by a little bit. Piccolo stretched out both arms and flared his aura, fingers bent toward the palms of his hands. “Gohan will fix everything! Tears streamed down her eyes as she slowly lost consciousness, but most of all was that single terrible feeling... helplessness. Perhaps he could even fight them both at once! A dramatic narration with motion and sound effects of every Special Chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse up to date through October 18th 2020! Another banter began as they continued wailing on one another. She felt her eyes glossing over and darkness creeping in the corners. She also wears typical Heloïte armor. He was infuriated at having been taken aback by this vermin, failing to anticipate once again. Phipsil is a Heloïte soldier from Universe 19. He knew his best chance was to finish things right away, while the bio-android was weakened and still angry. Naurb is one of the Heloïte fighters representing Universe 19. “In range: One ally, two enemies. eso me ayuda mucho a inspirarme mas para crear mas vÍdeos!! International Facebook Dragon Ball Multiverse - Doujinshi Dragon Ball 146 likes. History Talk (0) Pages of OC's and FC's from the online doujin series Dragon Ball Multiverse, an original fan series of the canon franchise series of Dragon Ball by Salagir. Piccolo Daimao and North Kaioshin had been at it for a while, neither managing to gain the upper hand in the battle so far. “So you’d remember I’m right handed!” he said in a satisfied tone. Indeed, Nedwook saw the situation quite a bit more clearly than most. “Too bad you can’t regenerate! Gohan grimaced, still observing and trying to plot a course out of this mess. General Forum Maintenance. While he had gained some minimal zenkai during his fight with the giant demon Hildegan, this time he had truly felt an exponential increase. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic! Category page. A page for describing Awesome: Dragon Ball Multiverse. Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika. Neither the fragile Ultra Armor, nor any among the Heloites held even the slightest interest to him — not when Gohan was still in play! However, as he was about to escape the path of the beam, a high-pitched screech slammed hard into his eardrums and nailed him to the ground. From the Heloite’s outstretched arm came a very powerful energy ball, one which Cell yet again was unprepared for. Dragon Ball Super/GT discussion. ‘I see...’ he thought. In Multiverse, Goku's mom is a hardcore Saiyan warrior who was the strongest Saiyan alive.Goku's canonical mother is the exact opposite, being a weak, soft-hearted person who wasn't cut off for battle. Read Dragon Ball Multiverse / Dragon-Ball-Multiverse-Manga Best Manga Online in High Quality. Unlike her Universe 18 counterpart, she is alive in this universe, as Majin Buu was never released and thus did not kill her as he did in many other universes. But in his current state, he would undoubtedly lose to the other Gohan who remained at full strength. With him, we’d be safe.”, “Wait, you want us to go back inside?” Bra gasped, frightened. Fans of Dragon Ball looking for something to fill the void while waiting for the return of Super might be interested to know that there is a huge epic playing out right now within the Dragon Ball universe -- and it's all made by fans. These are my power levels for Dragon Ball Multiverse. Ultra Waver Ball!”. Summary. As he recovered, blood trailing from his lower lip, he saw the Saiyan pursue him once again, yelling and extending his left hand. “Leave that family guy alone and face me, monster! While her husband from an alternate universe continued facing down his sworn nemesis, Videl of the 18th was fleeing through the arena halls, pulling Bra by the arm. Bra tilted her head in uncertainty, hesitant to leave a place of safety, even to follow after Gohan’s wife — Videl had already begun flying up to the height of the grandstands. But Cell’s own perfect instincts were pricked at that very moment, causing him to tilt his head. As he recovered, the Heloite addressed his obvious surprise. A female voice in his visor relayed the results of the scan to him. Dragon Ball Multiverse Discussion. “Hey! Get back here!”. (Just to note I'm still doing xcom legacy as … 2,634 likes. With his right he deflected against the Kikoha’s explosion, and with his left he shook Cell’s preconceptions. As for you, human, go ahead and flee — I’ve got no business with you.”. Goku and Vegeta had been memorable opponents, but only the irate half-Saiyan teenager had delivered to him the fight he’d always longed for. Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization. He’d lost control of his own technique, and trying to recover them at this point would be vanity. The characters in Dragon Ball Multiverse all have varying traits and personalities. He was tired of facing nothing but pawns trying to slow him down. Phipsil assists the Supreme Kais and the Z-Fighters in their battle with Babidi's slaves. Cell remained motionless, shocked by the stance. He spun in all directions, frantically searching for the source, to find a Varga up in the stands whistling with all her might. Nappa sneered viciously, greeting Videl with a powerful elbow to her abdomen. She also wears typical Heloïte armor. Cell had been caught with his guard down, quite shocked at the failure of his maneuver, and took a strong kick from Nedwook as a result. DB Multiverse Chapter 41: Collapse of an empire. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Cell certainly cut Hirudegarn in half, at least. So this is a new project given to me, on a monthly basis, it'll be based on the existing dragon ball multiverse fan comic. Broly (Dragon Ball Multiverse) 1 Appearance 2 Biography 2.1 Round Three: Babidi's Invasion 3 Power 4 Gallery Phipsil is a young woman with short golden hair. But now, I’m afraid your usefulness has run out... I’m the strongest, I am Perfect Cell, ha ha ha ha ha!”. Before he could react, the Saiyan had dashed forward and delivered a powerful right punch to his chest. History Talk (0) Comments Share. As Daimao and Kaioshin were much further away, the zig zag’s path was larger with more gaps, and easier to evade. Further down, the thin beam continued its path towards the Universe 3 patio. He had noticed North Kaioshin below, and hoped the deity would find a way to dodge the attack. Language News Read DBM Minicomic The authors Fanarts FAQ Tournament Help Universes Help Bonuses Events Promos Partner sites News Read DBM Minicomic The authors Fanarts FAQ Tournament … Dragon Ball Multiverse seems to give him a much more normal skin-tone. “NOOO!” Gohan furiously screamed out, in a sudden wave of emotion. “I doubt the warriors in your universe were anything like they are in mine. Son Gohan was already on the offensive, hands clasped to one side, ki charging within his palms. He barely dodged a thin energy lazer from behind, spinning quickly to find Nedwook from Universe 19 hanging just overhead. It mattered not what had distracted Gohan, only that their battle had not yet been decided. Surely it couldn’t be what it looked like. “I’ll be taking this one, hahaha!” he announced, licking his lips. General Discussion. Upon a quick search he located Gohan behind the Kienzan, which were still full speed ahead. It was easily enough power to defeat the weakened Gohan, and the second one would certainly prove easier prey this time. She knew full well how ineffective her attacks would be. Phipsil’s face was heavy with fear, while Nedwook gritted his teeth in frustration. His ki struck the Kienzan like a wave, propelling them onward with even more incredible momentum — straight at Cell. It’s worth a try at least...’. Gohan was again breathless, and yet he could still feel the energy of his foe, though it was much weaker. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. “Hah, actually I was gonna shoot you down from behind anyway...”. I’ll break her apart one vertebrae at a time, take my time and go slow too — when I’m done her body won’t even be recognizable! “Well played! Cell himself was experiencing the same thrill, though frustrated at having taken so much damage by being caught off guard. The perfect warrior’s eyes shot wide. Igniting his bold white aura, Son Gohan slipped through the discs at full speed, on a direct path towards Cell. “Too bad for the ally, I’m going for it!” he said. Other than introducing a whole new slew of popular characters, Dragon Ball Super has achieved one other big thing: introducing a whole new Dragon Ball Multiverse. (When I say forfeits, I mean fights that never happened because they forfeited.) The bio-android had not yet regenerated, and thus couldn’t hope to evade the cutting blade. Son Gohan reacted instantly, but was propelled back by the blast, his feet digging into the ground as he tried to brace. The azure surf swallowed the perfect android from point blank range. The bird had completely immobilized King Piccolo, and collapsed exhausted a second later. Dragon Ball) est une série de mangas créée par Akira Toriyama, celui-ci s'inspirant librement du roman de Wu Cheng'en La Pérégrination vers l'Ouest. He was prepared to face even a perfect bio-android, and if it would be his own demise then so be it. It might be the most useful skill Kakarotto had taught them from all those years ago. Despite being an expert in martial arts, no ordinary human could compare with an elite Saiyan. Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team. The Kaioshin’s lips were pursed and he was desperately trying to blow air through them, but all that was heard was a slight “Fuuu, fuuu...”, “What do you think you’re doing?” King Piccolo asked, sketching a mocking grin.