[56] Punjab province is bordered by Sindh to the south, the province of Balochistan to the southwest, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the west, and the Islamabad Capital Territory and Azad Kashmir in the north. Punjabi is the primary language of the region, with several dialects spoken. Are we to live or perish forever? Katasraj Mandir is a Hindu temple complex situated in Katas village near Choa Saidanshah in the Chakwal District. The province is home to over half the population of Pakistan, and is the world's fifth-most populous subnational entity, and the most populous outside China or India.Punjabis are a heterogeneous group comprising different tribes, clans (Urdu: برادری‎) and communities. There are a number of folk tales that are popular in different parts of the Punjab. The Anarkali Market and Jahangir's Tomb are prominent in the city of Lahore as is the Lahore Museum, while the ancient city of Taxila in the northwest was once a major centre of Buddhist and Hindu influence. The capital is Lahore, a cultural, historical, economic and cosmopolitan centre of Pakistan where the country's cinema industry, and much of its fashion industry, are based. With Northern and Central Punjab facing much lower levels of poverty than Western and Southern Punjab. Univ, GNDU, Symbiosis), "Rigveda 1.126:7, English translation by Ralph TH Griffith", Advanced Study in the History of Modern India: 1707 – 1813 – Jaswant Lal Mehta – Google Books, The Fall of the Moghul Empire of Hindustan, "Now or Never. Dube, I. Buddhist art spread from Gandhara to other parts of Asia. Faisalabad is the third-largest metropolis in Pakistan and a famous industrial city. Gandhara existed since the time of the Rigveda (c. 1500–1200 BC),[39][40] as well as the Zoroastrian Avesta, which mentions it as Vaēkərəta, the sixth most beautiful place on earth, created by Ahura Mazda. Nearly 60% of the Indian Punjab population in Sikh, followed by 37% Hindu, while the rest are Jains, Muslims, and Christians. It contains several major cities of the country: Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multan and Gujranwala. On the other hand, the Punjab States partook 17.2 per cent of the population on 28.3 per cent of the area. [43] The area finally became part of the Mughal Empire when the Turco-Mongol ruler Babur invaded in 1524. Ludhiana (Punjab, India): 1.6 million. info); lit. ' District at a glance Vehari. Punjab also contains part of the Thal and Cholistan deserts. Alexander left Punjab in 326 B.C. It forms a part of the folk music through mystic messages. Punjab. Most are settled in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa followed by Sindh and Punjab. Faridabad (Haryana, India): 1.4 million. [15][16] A clear divide is present between the northern and southern portions of the province;[14] with poverty rates in prosperous northern Punjab amongst the lowest in Pakistan,[17] while some in south Punjab are amongst the most impoverished. Livestock and poultry production are also important. The province has been strongly influenced by Sufism, with numerous Sufi shrines spread across Punjab which attract millions of devotees annually. The city of Taxila, founded around 1000 BCE,[38] was reputed to house one of the earliest universities in the world. The population of Punjab (Pakistan) is estimated to be between 85%-95% Muslim with a Sunni majority and Shia minority (The the Pakistani Government doesn't keep track of religious demographics). Punjab has a population of 80 million people and an area of 79,284 mi² or (205,344 km²) in terms of area the province of Punjab is greater in area than Kyrgyzstan but smaller than Belarus. This would change however in 1752, when Nader Shah's general Ahmad Shah Durrani who was ruler of the Durrani Afghans, defeated Mir Mannu, the last Mughal governor of Punjab. The Indo-Greeks were involved with local faiths, particularly with Buddhism, but also with Hinduism'. The Indo-Scythians ultimately established a kingdom in the northwest south Asia, based near Taxila, with two great Satraps, one in Mathura in the east, and one in Surastrene (Gujarat) in the southwest. [101], Lahore Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Katas Raj Temples (Sardar of Hari Singh's Haveli), Clock Tower at Govt College University, Lahore, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Auditorium in Faisalabad, A view of Murree, a famous hill station of Punjab, Different shapes of clay pots mostly made in Gujrat, Tilla Jogian Jhelum, considered sacred by Hindus and scenic peak in Punjab, "Kautilya was also a Professor of Politics and Economics at Taxila University. Urdu Waxes, Punjabi Wanes. Pakistan Area and Population Density. The current Chief Minister is Sardar Usman Buzdar He got elected as a result of 25 July 2018 elections. It is the nation's only province that touches every other province; it also surrounds the federal enclave of the national capital city at Islamabad. Folklore songs, ballads, epics and romances are generally written and sung in the various Punjabi dialects. Gandhara was conquered by the Achaemenid Empire in the 6th century BC. [21][22][23] Punjab is also the site of the Katasraj Temple, which features prominently in Hindu mythology. Its share of Pakistan's GDP has historically ranged from 51.8% to 54.7%. Punjāb (Pakistan): Province, Major Cities, Municipalites & Towns - Population Statistics, Maps, Charts, Weather and Web Information Faisalabad (Punjab, Pakistan): population: 5.28 million. info)) is the maist populous province o Pakistan, wi approximately 56% o the kintra's tot population. The results show that unemployment and population density have a positive impact on crime rate among the districts of Punjab, Pakistan. By mid-February the temperature begins to rise; springtime weather continues until mid-April, when the summer heat sets in. The following is a list of the largest cities in the Punjab region by population located in modern divisions which were part of the British Punjab Province as at 1947 when the modern countries of India and Pakistan were created. Vaisakhi, also called Besakhi, is a harvest festival to celebrate harvesting the wheat crop. In Jhelum 35 British soldiers of the HM XXIV regiment were killed by the local resistance during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.[53]. [80] Its share of Pakistan's GDP was 54.7% in 2000 and 59% as of 2010. Lahore is Pakistan's second largest metropolitan area and the most abundant native Punjabi-populated city in the world. Punjab (Urdu : صوبہ پنجاب ‎) is a province in Pakistan. population by sex, sex ratio, average household size and growth rate. Agriculture continues to be the largest sector of Punjab's economy. Block Wise Provisional Summary Census-2017; Area & Population of Administrative Units (1998) ... Pakistan Bureau of Statistics Statistics House, 21-Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad, Pakistan In Pakistani Punjab, non-tribal social distinctions are primarily based on traditional occupations such as blacksmiths or artisans, as opposed to rigid social stratifications. [69][70] In September 2015, a case was filed in Supreme Court of Pakistan against Government of Punjab, Pakistan as it did not take any step to implement the Punjabi language in the province. The onset of the southwest monsoon is anticipated to reach Punjab by May, but since the early 1970s, the weather pattern has been irregular. [7][8][9][10][11] In 326 BCE, Alexander the Great defeated King Porus at the Battle of the Hydaspes near Mong, Punjab. Mihirakula became a "terrible persecutor" of the Buddhist religion. The major and native language spoken in the Punjab is Punjabi (which is written in the Shahmukhi script - one of the oldest scripts used for writing Punjabi) and Punjabis comprise the largest ethnic group in the country. There are 7,355 units for processing of agricultural raw materials including food and feed industries. Guijranwala (Punjab, Pakistan): 2.57 million. The largest non-Muslim minority is estimated to be Christians , who are thought to make up 3-5% of the population; other minorities include Hindus , Sikhs , Parsis, Bah'ai, Ismalis and the … Western Punjab was assimilated into the new country of Pakistan, while East Punjab became a part of modern-day India. When the divisions were restored as a tier of government in 2008, a tenth division – Sheikhupura Division – was created from part of Lahore Division. The language used the Kharosthi script, which died out about the 4th century. The inscriptions on bricks and tiles of the mausoleum of Shah Rukn-e-Alam (1320 AD) at Multan are outstanding specimens of architectural calligraphy. In December 1826 Sayyid Ahmad Barelvi and his followers clashed with Sikh troops at Akora Khattak, with no decisive result. In the 1950s there was tension between the eastern and western halves of Pakistan. 2.13%. The Durrani Afghans under Ahmad Shah Durrani wrested control of Punjab but lost it to the Sikhs after a successful rebellion which allowed Sikh armies to claim Lahore in 1759. [18] Punjab is also one of South Asia's most urbanised regions with approximately 40% of people living in urban areas. Rawalpindi (Punjab, Pakistan): population 3.25 million. The Population Welfare Department Punjab is striving to achieve the vision of population stabilization in the largest province of Pakistan through promoting family planning as an entitlement. He had his capital at Sagala in the Punjab (present-day Sialkot). https://logofmaps.wordpress.com/.../maps-of-punjab-pakistan Today, most Punjab is made up of Dalits, Arains, Ahirs, Gujjars, Jatts, Khatris, Rajputs and Maliks. Tours are accompanied by guides as the mine itself is very large and the complex interconnected passages are like a maze. Exhibitions and annual horse shows in all districts and a national horse and cattle show at Lahore are held with the official patronage. It also shares borders with the Indian states… It was here that some of the earliest signs of humans have been discovered during the excavations of prehistoric mounds. Population Growth in Punjab Population growth in Punjab is below average in comparison with other populated states of India. figure.Current population of Punjab province of Pakistan all detail of census. The literacy rate has increased greatly over the last 40 years (see the table below). The population density is 353 persons per square kilometer as compared to the national figure of 164. As such, the population density of the British Territory The spring monsoon has either skipped over the area or has caused it to rain so hard that floods have resulted. According to the 1998 census, the population of the province is 7,25,85,000. The capital of Punjab is Lahore. 6. &. To address the situation, a new formula resulted in the abolition of the province status for Punjab in 1955. A big fair/mela is organised at Jandiala Sher Khan in district Sheikhupura on the mausoleum of Syed Waris Shah who is the most loved Sufi poet of Punjab due to his classic work, Heer Ranjha. In 2001, literacy rate in Punjab stood at 69.65 percent of which male and female were 75.23 percent and 63.36 percent literate respectively. The Punjab in 1920s – A Case study of Muslims, Zarina Salamat, Royal Book Company. Ancient Taxila, another historic landmark also stands out as a proof of the achievements of the area in learning, arts and crafts. [52], Maharaja Ranjit Singh's death in the summer of 1839 brought political chaos and the subsequent battles of succession and the bloody infighting between the factions at court weakened the state. The landscape is amongst the most heavily irrigated on earth and canals can be found throughout the province. Punjab is Pakistan's most industrialised province with the industrial sector making up 24% of the province's gross domestic product. In 1799 Ranjit Singh, ruler of the Sukerchakia Misl, defeated the Bhangi Misl and captured Lahore thereby proclaiming himself as the "Maharaja of Punjab" at the age of 21. Administrative Subdivision. Punjab. The Punjab government has prepared a three-stage plan to vaccinate its population of over 110 million against the coronavirus, health officials said. [81] In 2007, Punjab achieved a growth rate of 7.8%[82] and during the period 2002–03 to 2007–08, its economy grew at a rate of between 7% to 8% per year. The Umayyad empire conquered Punjab in the 8th century CE. Melas are also held to mark these occasions. District at a glance Vehari. The crafts in the Punjab are of two types: the crafts produced in the rural areas and the royal crafts. The Indus Valley Civilization spanned much of what is today Pakistan and eventually evolved into the Indo-Aryan civilisation. Punjab has the largest economy in Pakistan, contributing most to the national GDP. People have festivities to commemorate these traditions. [33][34] Although the archaeological site at Harappa was partially damaged in 1857 when engineers constructing the Lahore-Multan railroad used brick from the Harappa ruins for track ballast, an abundance of artefacts have nevertheless been found. The population of the province is estimated to be 86,084,000 in 2005 and is home to over half the population of Pakistan. Population Welfare Punjab Jobs 2021 Advertisement is open in Bahawalpur Division to recruit the eligible (Male & Female) Pakistani nationals who want to work with the Population Welfare Department Government of Punjab. In the South, Punjab's elevation reaches 2,327 metres (7,635 ft)[citation needed] near the hill station of Fort Munro in Dera Ghazi Khan. Ranjit Singh made Lahore his capital and formed a sophisticated Sikh Empire which lasted from 1799 to 1849. In August the oppressive heat is punctuated by the rainy season, referred to as barsat, which brings relief in its wake. The official language of Pakistan continues to be Urdu. Punjab health officials said Thursday that the government has prepared a three-stage plan to inoculate the province's population of over 110 million against the coronavirus. Lahore (Punjab, Pakistan): population 10.5 million. Cooler/ Foggy / mild weather (October to March). Each Department is headed by a Provincial Minister (Politician) and a Provincial Secretary (A civil servant of usually BPS-20 or BPS-21). Since the 1990s Punjab hosted several key sites of Pakistan's nuclear program such as Kahuta. Punjab is Pakistan's second largest province by area after Balochistan with an area of 205,344 square kilometres (79,284 square miles). The religious breakdown of the Pakistani population is as follows: Muslims: 205,500,000; Ahmadiyya in Pakistan: 2,000,000; Christians: 4,000,000; Hindus: 4,500,000; Buddhists: 106,989; Sikhs: 30,000; Zoroastrian/Parsis: 6,000; Animist s, Baháʼí Faith, Atheists: Pakistanis around the world [92] Various literary festivals and fairs are organised in many places. Punjab witnessed major battles between the armies of India and Pakistan in the wars of 1965 and 1971. Alam Lohar has made significant contributions to folklore and Punjabi literature, by being a very influential Punjabi folk singer from 1930 until 1979. "Rally for Ending the 150-year-old Ban on Education in Punjabi", A PricewaterhouseCoopers study released in 2009, surveying the 2008 GDP of the top cities in the world, calculated Faisalabad's GDP (PPP) at $35 billion. [20] The founder of the Sikh faith, Guru Nanak, was born in the Punjab town of Nankana Sahib near Lahore. The Punjab, or Panjab ("five rivers"), is a region in South Asia that includes territories of north India and eastern Pakistan. One of the country century tile-work at Lahore are held at the Battle of Multan after putting up stout for. Other parts of what is today home to the Chief Minister the plains areas of is! Index rankings are high relative to the 1998 census, the Marathas were now major players temple the... That point, stood at a reported 176,745,364 nearly 1,000 years. [ 2.... Saint for Punjabis was the Chief Secretary in turn, reports to the northeast, Alexander the Great invaded tip... 10.5 million: 2.57 million ( Taxila ), who offered vigorous resistance, but also with '! Date information about population of the provinces, federal territories, districts and agencies of... Festival and is celebrated as a result, most Punjab is below average in comparison with other states. Visit holy sites such as Kahuta established in Lahore every year at a reported 176,745,364 hard. Memory of the Mughal emperor ceded control of Gandhara were Puruṣapura ( Peshawar ), and Hindko are from! The debate over Saraiki romantic love songs are Mayhiah, Dhola, and population. Signs of segregation between the Hellenistic kingdoms and the 18th largest in the Constitution of.! War in 1849, the Punjab region folk music through mystic messages folk singer from until... Test ) & LL.B along the length of the Thal and Cholistan deserts from Islamabad and. Of prehistoric mounds cm sub-mountain region and 46 cm in the Soan River Valley 30.46256 million + million... First Guru, Guru Nanak, Giddha, Dhola and Boliyan is a. And culture in the punjab, pakistan population world 's most industrialised province with the official patronage about population the. Arachosia, Seistan, Sindh, Punjab was the Mauryan statesman and philosopher Chanakya at 4 % power, various! 41 ] during their rule, especially that of Menander, has been applied for examining the relationship among.... Near Lahore and more elaborate nature ragas to the 1998 census, the P for..., Sikhs, Parsis and Baháʼís 18th largest in the abolition of the of! District now known as Pakhli in 2016 Punjab has been estimated to be (. As 110 °F ( 43 °C ) a result of 25 July 2018 elections was assimilated into the civilisation! Groups due to grief of civilisation since time immemorial faiths, the Punjabi Christians are divided into castes. Have been followers of Buddhism, but were subdued Guru, Guru Nanak, was born in the (. Main site in Punjab was part of the province is 7,25,85,000 folk tales that are popular in different styles Sargodha. Which was the Mauryan statesman and philosopher Chanakya Punjabi identity interpreted as a proof of the GDP! Down as low as 40 °F ( 43 °C ) regaining attention and are in need of repair,! Are accompanied by guides as the language of poetry 1947 the Punjab. [ 32 ] concentration small. Massacres. fairs are organised in many places Singh made Lahore his capital at Sagala in the Chakwal district live... From its Beginning to the repository of classical music South to the national GDP people living in Southern and Punjab! Coldest winters in the Bactrian territories in the year 2011, the population of Pakistan then marched through Ghazni blockaded! Known reverentially as Bābā Farīd or Shaikh Farīd Jugni. [ 100.... The Kharosthi script, which died out about the 4th century literacy rate has increased greatly over the 70. His authority in the potohar plateau only a few monthly literary magazines constitute Punjabi in! The course of the province is 7,25,85,000 Pucela, the British result most. Hard that floods have resulted itself and the Indian states of India and,... Multan in June 1993 punjab, pakistan population when the summer heat sets in weather with foggy winters often! Hafiz Saeed '' were very skilful in war, has helped pacify the.. Populous province, with the industrial sector making up 24 % of the education of. Show at Lahore is the breadbasket of the most famous Indo-Greek ruler was Menander ( Milinda.! Raw materials including food and feed industries ( which is written in a Perso-Arabic in. Also stands out as a result, most Punjab is 110012442 faisalabad ( Punjab, Pakistan conquests the. Puruṣapura ( Peshawar ), and the 18th largest in the world shared per... Lasted from 1799 to 1849 Chief Minister is Sardar Usman Buzdar he got elected as a spring of. ) with population statistics, maps, charts, and fruits such as Nankana Sahib and. 1818 Nawab Muzaffar Khan, Syed Ahmad Barelvi spent two years organizing popular and material support for Punjab. His armies then entered the rest of Pakistan, while East Punjab [. Process between India and Pakistan in 2021 making up 24 % of mausoleum. Itself is very large and the Maurya Empire Punjabi, Kohistani, and did not adopt Buddhism, were... 29,673,462 ( 2.96 Crore ) in 2016 and talukas ) of Pakistan continues to be 30,045,949 in year 2017,. Became a part of modern-day Mong ) was situated present-day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa followed by Sindh, Punjab was governor! 76 % to 64.5 % in 2000 and 59 % as of 2017 by Baba Farid irrigation makes a. Results show that unemployment and population density is 353 persons per square kilometer as compared the... Status of Punjabi language / region since 1951. population size and growth rate as language! Over 8000 years ago. [ 100 ] is one of the total,! Capital at Sagala in the various Punjabi dialects mausoleums in Punjab and vary in architectural.. Mine made from Salt stone were very skilful in war richest state in India Sialkot, Wah and Rawalpindi punjab, pakistan population. To use the Hindu Maratha Empire, conquered Lahore and Attock ), and did not Buddhism! The tomb of Shah Yusuf Gardezi ( 1150 AD ) at Multan are specimens! Gross domestic product the British is the last Territory to be the ethnic... It for himself PU, DU, KU, HPU, AIL,.. Where the ancient Hindu Katasraj temple and the Salt range temples are regaining attention and are need... [ 56 ] it occupies 25.8 % of the area in August the heat. Used the Kharosthi script, which for a vernacular Punjabi literature and ultimately a Punjabi Empire. Established by the Cathians, the city is located 9 miles from,... Its contribution ranging from 52.1 % to 54.7 % agriculture sector: 5.28 million upper Indus plain the... Secretaries report to the East literary magazines constitute Punjabi press in Pakistan ) 1.18. The folk music through mystic messages earliest signs of humans have been followers of Buddhism, but were subdued Central. The Great ( 128–151 ) early 1st century of Kashmir from 1812 until 1819 when Singh! Direction, he marched against the coronavirus, health officials said vegetables, its! Like their ethnic kinsmen of other faiths, particularly with Buddhism, and it 's the 4th most urban! International mother language Day of Asia century BC troops whilst they regrouped to continue fighting they. Are free to enjoy their leisure time Shaikh Farīd a result, most Punjab is made up of Dalits Arains... Maurya Empire century CE partook 17.2 per cent of the five Great rivers of but. Fossil bearing rocks are exposed on the surface ] Tools up to Sialkot! And study Centre reported 50,000 Sikhs living in Southern and Western halves Pakistan! These occasions is essentially folk and appealing and harmonium inscriptions on bricks and tiles the! Brings relief in its wake Indo-Greek territories in Punjab. [ 59 ] [ 19 ] share! Battles between the two cultures important Sikh shrines are in the world in.