The GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist humidifier for bedroom &essential oil diffuser fills amazing aroma in the room and moisturizes the large room quietly. Helps keep me from getting bloody noses and the essential oil option is a game changer! When I opened the box, the item had been used before. I also never realized how much I needed this top-fill feature! The 360-degrees adjustable mist nozzle provides even moisture distribution inside the grow room. It is very easy to use with single button functions. It is so quiet you don’t even know it is on! Reviews: The Best Humidifier for the Elderly. ... Will return the second one that is on the way, too afraid to keep it. Really love this and it holds a good amount so you are not constantly refilling it! Honeywell. All Rights Reserved. It provides a nice stream of steam immediately. Helps me to breathe clearly which in turn helps me to sleep soundly. It's also very easy to clean the tank - I don't avoid using it so it won't have to be cleaned. Best Humidifier And Diffuser of January 2021: Comparisons, AI Consumer Report, and Reviews After evaluating and analyzing in detail more than 170,815 customer satisfaction about Best Humidifier And Diffuser , we have come up with the top 15 products you may be interested in Best Humidifier And Diffuser . Good product that I will buy again and maybe give as gifts. THis is a well-made cool mist Humidifier. I love the color of it as well and how it has Different levels! Nice personable touch getting a letter from the company owner and he’s a veteran! Nozzles are always nice if you want your mist to go in a particular direction. There is no noise and the easy top fill feature makes it so handy. When you buy a Geniani 1 Gal. I appreciate the fact that this product is quiet so that it doesnt disturb my sleep. This humidifier works perfectly - it was easy to set up out of the box and has been a staple in my house over the past few weeks. Highly recommend this product and this vendor!! - Easy to use & easy to clean- easy to fill up. I bought this product because I wanted a humidifier in our bedroom that was easy to refill without making a mess or unplugging the whole thing. The only reason I did was because the air in the house was so dry that my husband and I were waking up with nose bleeds. Replaceable Filter: This Humidifier has an optional replaceable Water Filter that removes risk of unhealthy minerals and bacteria in water. Sleep with a GENIANI and wake up with a more comfortable nose and throat! Product features. Provides different mist settings which is very nice. easy, easy to fill, easy to clean, quiet, fill, easy to clean, easy, easy to fill, humidifier, fill, easy to clean, easy, easy to fill, easy to use, quiet, hands, best, sure, easy to use, easy to clean. It is quiet and produces lots of humidity. The best humidifier I've ever bought, worth the slightly higher cost. It's a great product half decent price it works well. {Updated} Top 10 Best Heating Pad Geniani {Guide & Reviews} Are you looking for best Heating Pad Geniani, we’ve consulted top experts who has in-and-out knowledge about the Heating Pad Geniani. We found the best humidifiers on Amazon, according to reviews, including the best humidifier for bedrooms, the best cool-mist humidifier, the best humidifier … I’m so glad I made this purchase, I’ve bought a few different humidifiers but everyone is to loud so it’s hard for me to fall asleep. If you are right next to it you can hear a little bubbling sound but I actually like that. It fills and cleans easily and works really well in automatic mode. Cleans easily and doesn’t require a filter. Its is also cute and perfect design that fits for small space. I was surprised to receive a thank you letter from the seller. There you are, we are gonna bring the top picks of the cool and warm mist humidifiers reviews. Living in a dry climate this is a must have for our family. This unit features smart mode humidity control built into the device automatically regulate humidity level for you. I can’t hear a sound and very easy to fill and run!!! My bedroom gets very dry in the winter, and this does a good job moisturizing the air. It didn't hurt that I also received a really kind personalized letter from the owner of the company afterwards. I like the compactness of this product and the volume of water it can hold. Theres only one button and the top fill design is clutch. ), like black, platinum, and wine. Only lasted 12 hrs then stopped working, will return. I also love that the power cord detach completely keeping the cord or if the way while cleaning. ... You can also increase the amount of mist by pressing the button multiple times. It's easy to fill, either by taking the tank to a water source (where you fill it from the top), or just by pouring water directly into the top. I have had this for 2 weeks now and I LOVE it!! These are some of the best available Humidifier models that are perfect for senior persons; 1. You notice that it also comes with a smart mode as well as an inbuilt intelligent sensor that controls humidity levels depending on the status of your bedroom atmosphere. We choose the top most quality product, which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. Super quite and the tank capacity is great. The Geniani 2-in-1 humidifier will turn off as soon as the tank is empty. we use a plant watering can with narrow spout, while it's continually running, SO EASY. This device helps prevent my skin and sinuses drying up overnight (and waking me up), so it helps with getting a good night's sleep. … Prevent all these damaging effects, and maintain that glowing, vibrant look! Operation: Mist output ranges from 150ml/h to 250ml/h. The benefit this mist humidifier offers extends to the large room capacity coverage and easy to clean tank via the top opening. I have been running it non-stop since it received it. There are multiple power settings, which help my sinuses stay clear no matter how dry and cold the air gets in the winter. Works great, super quiet and helped me recover from a sinus infection without any medication! The actual humidification of your room is SILENT. If you have any issues at all with your GENIANI Humidifier Huron, please contact us. We think it helps my husband and my nose feel less dry in the mornings. Review summary for GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom Essential Oil Diffuser Smart Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier for Home Baby Large Room with Auto Shut Off 4L Easy to Clean Water Tank White, based on 1000 user reviews: OVERALL - 9.3/10. Hold s lots of water and lasts a long time. The GENIANI Humidifier could mean the difference between getting the cold, cough, or even flu this Cold Winter Dry Season and remaining Healthy. 1 Year Warranty. GENIANI Bedroom humidifier comes in an exclusive design that promotes high performance and effective breathing while asleep. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom & Essential Oil Diffuser - Smart Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier for Home, Baby, Large Room with Auto Shut Off, 4L Easy to Clean Water Tank (4L, Black) at Mikikin Cool Mist Humidifier Review- Best Humidifier for Large Rooms (Overall) ... Geniani cool mist humidifier also asserts to act as a diffuser, providing a 2-in-1 solution if you need to fill your room with essential oils as well as humidity. My house was extremely dry with propane heat, and this has made all the difference. Also the cord has a great length and I am able to place the humidifier on my dresser. We use it just at night in our bedroom while we sleep. Easy to use and isn’t extremely huge and bulky. Geniani, a top humidifier, adds great comfort to your sleep. The humidifier has an ample tank limit. The fragrance pad isn’t over bearing, just a gentle touch. Quiet, love the glow of the little blue light (but can turn it off.). One of the main reason I bought this one was because the power cord disconnects from the unit making it easier to add water and clean. Geniani spotting in the third position in this review, support oil diffusion into the air to get a suitable aroma and breathable air in the room. Great quality (and aesthetically appealing, too). Attractive design, easily filled from top or you can take off the reservoir. ... I’ll be buying more for the other bedrooms in my house. I was very pleased with the product performance. Really pumps out the mist & lasts for hours & hours. This is hands down the best humidifier I have ever used. I run mine with regular tap water, and do notice a build up of minerals. It’s fun to watch it go from red to the purple/blue light after being on for a little while. On a full tank, I'd say it lasts about 14 hours, which is amazing. Not sure if I got a defective one but I won't be using it . It produces a perfect amount of mist- my carpet is dry but my air is definitely less dry. It depends on the Mist Level from 1 to 3. The design is so sleek and very high end looking. You can hold the button down for all lights to come off! Also we like the way we can control humidity output with the different settings! Looked for a unit that was easy to use but also had an automatic mode. With a cool mist and essential aroma, it is simple to enjoy a great feeling. This saves you the hassle of replacing filters every couple of weeks. You can start it running and there’ll be enough water for an entire day. Go for a whole house humidifier. i waited a few weeks to do the review, to see how it held up. ... if they would send me UPS label I would send it back . - possibly a longer cord. Ft. online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. A simple water test gives you the opportunity to measure how much time is left for the subsequent refill. The humidifier is definitely worth purchasing. Way better than any you can purchase at your local big box shop. They are easy to refill and easy to clean. Better Skin: Dry air saps moisture from your skin, which causes all kinds of problems, including dryness, dullness, flaking, and accelerated aging. You can even fall asleep and leave it working. Quiet, barely hear it running at night in the bedroom. Helping a lot during dry New England winter! We’ve been using it for about two days and so far it’s been working well. The Geniani is a large, refreshing mist and safe Humidifier for your entire home. It comes with a great design that is shaped like an egg and blends well to add a modern touch to the room interiors. The humidity level in my condo was 15% and this brought it up to 40% plus in no time. I sleep like a baby and don’t wake up with a sore throat from the dry winter air. It is sleek and attractive and not bulky and dusty like ones I've purchased in the past. Pretty much silent and multiple settings! If you are right next to it you can hear a little bubbling sound but I actually like that. Enjoy your favorite fragrance around you all the time. These are the products we considered that ultimately didn't make our top 5. We’ve been using it daily in our daughter’s bedroom for almost a month now with zero issues or complaints. It's virtually silent. I never write reviews but the hand signed note really made this product stand out. I have been using it for 3 months and it is terrific. The noise level is very low and it’s honestly such a relaxing sound to listen to! The portable and lightweight and also has a minimized dimension ensuring it stays balanced on the stood-top perfectly. It has an essential oil tray to soothe your aesthetic sense. I use filtered water ( Brita ) so I think there may be less scaling when I finally do clean it. It’s safety features allow her to forget to put water in there. It is super easy to fill- fill right from the top without having to take it off the base and risk spills. You add it onto this little pad and it mixes with the water somehow. It’s super simple to install and use. This product is much more expensive than the one I bought last time and the pictures had a look of good quality. ... you might want to own GENIANI cool mist humidifier. We have a wood stove as our main heat source, so to say our air is dry in our home is an understatement. This is one of the best gift I gave for myself and to replace my old humidifier. Bionaire BUL9200UV-UM Comfort Select Humidifier Review, Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier Review, BONECO Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier U700 Review, PureGuardian H4500 Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier Review, 5 in 1 HUMIDIFIER, Air Purifier, Oil Diffuser, Ionizer, Night Light, NEW MODERN Sleek and Intuitive Design compare to other humidifiers, 2 LITER TANK for Continuous 15 Hours of Operation. Plus, I haven't had a nose bleed since I started using it! I just received this humidifier, and thought it is unusual that it was shipped in its original box with no outer box for protection of the product. Quite and gives out just the right Amount of humidity in the room. Love that this is easy to fill and clean! We purchased it for our bedroom and it is across the room from our bed, so I like that I can choose the output of mist. The large tank is great and doesn't have to be refilled mulitple times a day. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. The humidifier is very calm and produces less than 38 dB of noise which makes it the perfect sleeping partner even in the house with the babies. Product was shipped In a quality box no issues. You might have already heard of the latest innovation in medical technology, the USB humidifier. GENIANI Ultrasonic Cool Mist 2L Humidifier Review By Angela Simmonds / Reviews / Last Updated: May 7, 2019 5 in 1 HUMIDIFIER, Air Purifier, Oil Diffuser, Ionizer, Night Light I purchased it because of its reviews and its good price, and I am glad that I did. Has several settings, definitely gives off a good amount of mist, does have a soft light that glows when it’s dark, so good to keep in mind if you need in it super dark when you’re sleeping. 100% Money Back Guarantee. They are designed to deliver a controlled mist into the air. Lasts 24 hrs medium setting, can refill while on. We have a humidistat so I know the exact humidity in the bedroom and this thing works like a champ keeping it at 40-45% even in the driest Maine winter weather, which is impressive. I normally do not write a review until I have had the item for at least three weeks so enough time has gone by for something to go wrong. Geniani Ultrasonic Humidifier 4L is the most innovative humidifier on the market today. The biggest surprise for me was the essential oils tray . I have been running this product since its arrival. It was fine at the beginning and doing its job. We bought 4 for bedrooms and the kids can fill and run them by themselves. It's doesn't run out fast, it's so quiet we almost forget it's there. The product, as it came out of the box, was easy to understand, and it set up in maybe five minutes, and that's including the time it took moving the little table I set it on into the right position in my bedroom. In fact, it allows for aromatherapy since it helps in diffusing essential oils. It has a nice low light that changes colors. Directions are very clear and simple. It is quiet, lightweight and easy to fill. They think it's so fun to watch the mist come out and try to catch it. Its easy to clean and fill and it actually keeps my bedroom comfortable, It needs just enough for the paddle to lift off from the bottom and float and *that's it*. I love that this is very easy to fill, and almost impossible to hear. Holds enough water to make it all night long. Wish it was bigger but it holds enough water to stay on the whole night.

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