I tried different naps of rollers, and even went to Lambs Wool rollers, but the results were the same. You can put latex waterbase paint over oil based PRIMER but not over oil base paint, what the oil base primer does is it seals the oil base paint to allow for waterbase paint + you get the added moister protection. We ventilated and used a fan and opened a window.I have to say by the time our project was done I was so nauseated by the smell I vowed to NEVER use Behr paint again. ANY ONE NO OF ANY GREAT COUPONS, DISCOUNTS, ETC ON PURCHASING BEHR ULTRA PREMIUM PLUS PRIMER IN ONE PAINT? People don’t skimp on your projects paint & primer in 1 is nothing more than a sales gimmic and designed to target those that don’t know. However my friends NO paint and I mean none of them are worth $35 and up a gallon. seriously these posts are cracking me up-. The question is, do i need to prime it? Look closer, a lot closer. Do the necessary steps. BEHR’s new Premium Plus Ultra paint supposedly cuts your painting time in half by eliminating the priming and drying stage. Combo primer/paints are just about as expensive as a primer and paint purchased separately so there’s not even a monetary benefit? It is acrylic latex, giving it good durability and it cleans well. My daughter’s room is red. 1. ), it does not self-level at all, and it does not sand well. I think their paint is o.k. It covers the knots in pine wood. Tony – Very well put. Why bother taping at all if this is the case? Home depot I despise, so I am leery of any claims they might make to have discovered some new “breakthru.” Whether you can cover in one coat depdends upon 1) the difference in colors, and 2) the quality of the paint. BEHR's PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA® Interior paint and primer in one is great for repainting any room in your home. For the fireplace application, it took two coats. Change can be this beautiful, and this easy. The second day I painted, the rain came and the next day the paint is rock hard and beautiful. The ONLY reason this product covers better is 2 new tints used for this product only. Once coat later, the sheen was gone. 5 more gallons. I just finished painting a room in a seafoam green color using the paint and primer in one. I have never seen a paint perform so poorly! All the other rooms look beautiful with one coat. Like the cucumber green, dark blue, or any other color. No where does it state that the ULTRA is a one coat coverage, your just hearing what you want from the commercial! still ended up with more than i cared for in the paint. Due to past bad experience, I swore I would never use Behr paint again. The paint was a semi gloss. Adding a splash of black to your primer can help reduce the number of coats you need if you are using a dark final color, but mixing them together does absolutely nothing for your project. Regular stuff covers like you’re painting milk on the walls. both spills and tools). Good rollers and brushes are essential for a good job and good paint too. I’ve never had so much trouble with any company honoring a rebate system. It covered the wall sure, but patchy,shiny here, dull there, rough in area’s. I’m still ahead of doing three total coats now, and I can change the color in ten years if I want. I hope you are a better painter than a speller! I used the Behr with the primer in a red covering white. They say for red colors there is a pink tinted primer coat needed first and it is mixed into a medium base of Behr Ultra. BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ® delivers best-in ... BEHR MARQUEE ® is our most advanced interior paint-and-primer-in-one. etc. I purchased 15 gallons so that I could do the entire house. Behr Ultra is not a miracle product but it works excellent for the right project. So far, I am pleased with this paint. So we are planing on doing a second cost so I can hide the messy brush strokes. Wet the brush before you start and shake it/ wipe it. Finish paint- 2 coats: spraying and backroll is recommended for this application also- especially for the reasons you mention. Problem is not the paint..its the bad info given to you. All this extra work for paint that claims to cover all. green (faded) which I plan to scrub with TSP and rinse and then go at it with two coats of the black. And if you know you’re painting in the next few months, WAIT for a SALE!!! Any ideas – I really want to avoid priming. Well, never again with this ‘combo’ crap. I think they added something to retard drying so that the paint levels better when brushing. The walls were lightly sprayed with white by the builder, pretty cheaply at that. I used their Weatherbeater paint which had worked nicely many years ago without problems. I’m in the middle of painting my house with Lowes’s Valspar Duramax, which also claims to be self priming and have one coat coverage. If you’re doing a paint job then use primer first and then use paint for your top coat. I also used the same paint for inside our garage and it looks good after two years. In fact, that’s exactly what I’m doing now. We spend so much money. Doesn’t happen.” Well, yes it does happen. 1)not purchasing within the promotion dates It came out fantastic. In 2010, I used it to paint a hallway and the master bedroom. For tough, all-purpose paint with a touch of style, choose BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Low Odor, Paint & Primer in One Eggshell Enamel Interior paint. This is a marketing gimmick- the Behr product is thick and heavy-bodied, but there is no primer in it. The paint is fantastic. One display literally took 6 coats of regular red paint to cover over white primed drywall, which the Behr ultra only took 2. It’s simply a clever way of selling the product. You'll never miss out on the best Behr promotions, products and news. They are wood paneling. Worked fantastic! re: Scott’s comment. Even covered PVC. for the record, i like valspar (lowe’s) best and then benjamin moore. PHOOEY. I did NOT prime over my old paint in my hallway, and alas, the Behr Ultra Paint & Primer, is peeling off the old finish. I recently purchased my house and I’ve used Behr Ultra paint-and-primer-in-one for all my indoor painting. Our painter, Ron, recommended Frazee paints and primers, but said he would use any paint we wanted. Despite my contractor’s lost time which is money- I was very pleased with HD’s response and satisfied knowing that Behr stood behind there product. Based on the number of responses, this really is definately a very involved subject. It is a PAINT AND PRIMER in one can…. the selection of colors was limited, too. Find step-by step instructions in our how-to articles and videos. Left my porch with yellow marks and spots that looked like I painted with two different colors. I was very pleased with the results. But Im convinced, if I would have used a quality primer first, this would not have happened. Barry, I found the same when applying this product with a brush, in semi gloss AND satin: it is similar to spreading butter; material sticks to the brush and flops off onto finished work; where you put the brush down AND lift up displays a gouge mark, you have to run a continuous brush stroke the entire length of the door. I am so disappointed. Tip: avoid the Depot pal. For someone who said that red paint needs a pink-tinted primer, you’re dead wrong. The real hassle was it wanted to peel all the way back–hard to stop the peel to fix that area. Of course, I’ve developed a strict protocol when it comes to painting; for example, I only paint within a narrow temp and humidity window, which can be difficult to come by where I live. This paint and primer stuff is not new, many paints especially acrylic latex prime themselves. Thus when the paints dry, they leave about a 1.5mil film. I feel others should be aware for the sickening side affects we had from Behr paint, Just got done using the Behr paint with primer and I couldn’t be any happier. Good quality tools are also a must. So here we go again repainting inside AND outside this 5000+ square foot house … not something we had planned on investing in so soon. The satin finish is very nice, and the color dried evenly. As one who, in her apartment days, could only afford cheap, chalky paint, I really appreciate the difference. We have choice of Behr, S.W., Color Wheel. I wound up with a decent job, but with an awful lot of paint on the walls. BEHR Paint & Primer in One or Self-Priming paint is by far the poorest quality paint on the market. Especially if it’s the first coat of paint on drywall. Only paint I have used that runs like Sears is Benjamin Moore Regal. I later used SWP Duration, which works pretty good. This stuff is no good. I bought it because I thought it would save him time. I am very glad for the reviews. The actual painting went very well, and it looked great, but let me tell you what I found after. I bought Behr premium paint for a hallway and kitchen. The colors we were using was even dark and bright but still needed two coats with the primer in the paint. Tried another coat with a roller with the same result. For the light neutral paint color, we applied 2 coats and streaking is visible. At the right angle of light I saw where she got the “chunks”, the paint actually lifted some of the drywall mud out of the screw holes. I have seen interior paints outside fade colors. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Our front door looks horrible and we are no strangers to painting. Now, lets get a post about Paint rollers… after applying 35 gallons of paint to my house now, i have finally found good ones that don’t leave little sheds laying in the paint. Note to residents of the State of New Jersey:  The provisions of this warranty, including its limitations, are intended to apply to the fullest extent permitted by the laws of the State of New Jersey. The worst paint I had ever used is Sherwin-Williams Duration: the dark red color faded in one month, revealing the gray primer. Well, let me tell you, I took that little piece of paint that was peeling and pulled it, and pulled it, and pulled it! NO JOKE>. Valspar ??? When confronted, the HD clerk admitted “oh yes, it’s actually ‘flat enamel’ and it does have a slight sheen”. Painting the base trim was pure hell. Do you think the Behrs paint and primer in one will cover the navy with two coats? With a paint that covers existing or uncoated surfaces without a separate primer, Behr saves homeowners time by reducing the need for multiple products. Well it took it off AND some of the new paint on the wall (wasn’t rubbing hard). OK… that seals it… I will never buy Behr paint (or stain) ever again! Paint is for top coating. I'll be spraying the paint on. still I did my house with more and as long as I used a roller it went so-so. It is thicker than the Aura I am also using now to refresh my garage door. There is nothing new and or different about this paint than the top of the line paints you find at home improvement stores. Poor coverage, it pulls agaisnt the brush (and it is a very good brush! BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Interior is a low odor, Paint & Primer in One that provides exceptional, best in class value and durability. and start fresh again. We used the all in one exterior to paint 3 chicken coops and a hay wagon – over treated and untreated new wood, and weathered old wood. I checked the wather a week ago and saw a day and a half of no rain. It will certainly be the last. Save Money. fortunately I didnt need it to be perfect. I bought Sherwin-Williams Poly/Wool covers this time for the biggest portion. It seals and sticks to the surface better and “teeths” the paint better. This primer and paint in one went on well with one coat but the odor is so awful and it made me so sick. it has cost me triple what I would normaly have paid using Benjamin Moore paint. but, if you buy the 1 coat paint, 1 coat roller, and 1 coat brush, 1 time (and pay a premium for it) and realize you need two coats, they just make a crap load more money…. brown over light paint and wallpaper. I used eggshell for this khaki green color. But I’ve used it myself a lot and it’s never been anything but good paint. Just FYI.. BEHR has been rated number #1 in CR for several years in a row. It’s a great marketing scheme and rather than looking at the overall results, consumers see easier and half the time. Yes, it’s a modular home and I’m suffering from paint shadows,big time. Even though your post is rather condescending, here are some comments on it. Seems like there is a viscosity issue. Remove loose paint, wash off chalk, dirt, and grease with detergent, rinse and allow to dry. Yes if you use cheap rollers you will have problems, thats a given. As far as reds, dark colors, etc. My husband likes regular Behr, I guess I should have stuck with that. 90+ yrs old with lots of cracks and small wall repairs to be done. STOP using cheap rollers and brushes and you will get better results. This is another false statement that I have heard lately: “the paint will to adhere to bare metal, galvanized and aluminum surfaces, plastics, ceramics, and surfaces previously painted with oil based paint”. rated by Consumer Reports. Like any product, there are a million different opinions. Also there isnt a paint or primer out there that will cover in 1 coat when rolling (spraying will give a 1 coat coverage if your good). What kind of rollers did you use? It’s important to note that nowhere in the product description or specifications does Home Depot state anything about one-coat coverage. I’m curious, for those of you who say you have used BEHR paints in the past, how many of you have used this particular kind with the paint and primer in 1? I painted my daughters 12×12 room, using 1 gallon of “Moss Print”. NEVER AGAIN!!! The wall condition has 110% of the outcome decided of what the finished product will look like. There is no priming properties about this paint. If I put enough paint down to get a smooth finish, it will run. Lock in stains with BEHR ULTRA as a spot primer. A one day project is now going on to 3 days. The Behr ultra is an acrylic water based paint. There is a more efficient way to use a roller than just going straight up and down. Primer is totally different from paint. Looks great, deep. Try it! See our  privacy policy. I just tried out the Behr exterior primer/painter on a worn wooden outdoor swing. It did not work!! I have painted 8 houses in 6 years so I am familiar with painting prep/technique. Used eggshell in another room with the same problem – uneven and too shiny for eggshell. You applied too much paint to the wall. They don’t make that good latex paint and the good oil base primer that stuck and stretched like it did in the 60s I used on my new house porch and rails Behr premium plus primer in one now I am having to paint again after 4 yrs I am not usings behr paint again. HD was happy to take back the unused can even though it was custom tinted. Oh, and one coat coverage? With one-coat hide guaranteed* in over 1,000 colours, you can show your true colours in less time and with less paint. I’ve had many laughs from the do it yourselfer’s in here. I loved the color and thought it went on well, but after painting only three walls over a period of a few weeks and allowing overnight drying time between the two coats, the paint started peeling off the walls like fruit rollups off the wax paper. I find it difficult to believe that Behr does not understand Ultra’s deficiencies. Just put my second coat of Behr with primer. Certain colours may require more than one coat for complete hide. Use BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Paint as a primer over properly prepared coated or uncoated surfaces. We are in the midst of using Behr all in one paint and primer for the first time. They were amazing. FYI… Remove the tape when the paint is WET. Mark and Tony – thanks for the input. Our problem is that it smells HORRIBLE. Very difficult to get it to stay on the walls. I’m harder to please than the clients that I get to work for. I am sworn off Behr paints. I am very thankful that I had only put one coat of Behr on the walls so far. On a recent remodel of a rental unit, the Landlord supplied Behr Premium Plus Paint and Primer in one. I was very disappointed. DON’T BUY CHEAP TOOLS ,unless you don’t care. I used this and it is TERRIBLE. HOWEVER I asked for flat finish in this combo primer+paint, and only after spendign $100+, 8 hrs and 2 coats, I found it dries with a slight sheen (between flat and satin). If you are painting over a light color, 99% of the time you will only need one coat, it’s up to you how much you want to spend. This is industrial sabotage at it’s most basic. Like I said before, I have made many displays with reds and blues, comparing the ultra paint with regular paint, and on more than one occasion I have wanted to give up half way through with the regular paint. !” Sure everything looks great freshly painted, regardless. It like satisfying hunger with filling your belly with water. Save Time. You people are idiots. I agree with the other comments that you should always apply a second coat regardless if the first coat looks fine. But I have always loved Behr and think it is this “NEW” Behr Premium Plus” Not the first one that has made this difference for me.. This will negate your submission.” We repainted the outside of a house we have with Behr Ultra and so far, two years later, we haven’t noticed problems. It looked better when it was dry but, obviously, one coat was not going to cover. if you buy the mid-range price, and I like their eggshell satins. A third coat was applied. If you’re painting on unfinished sheetrock, you have to prime first. I love the thickness of the paint, the adhesion, and quality of the finish. Now I’m reading about paint. Why? The paint itself applies nicely, has good working consistency and dries well. Here is a little hint. For stain-blocking, or over oil-based or glossy surfaces, use a product such as. We are going to have to apply a second coat because of bleed through (painting medium pink over light green) and it WILL NOT be Behr that I use!! have used behr paint forever and have been satified with the results from south texas to the state of washington…..no problem with ur paint. Curious why some posted comments about Behr conflicts with the C.R. I will NOT buy this paint again. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I then put on 2 more coats using the foam brush, looks very good. Pj eisert: I am a traditional believer in a solid base coat of Kilz primer followed by Sears EasyLiving/Weatherbeater Ultra paints. As this was new drywall I just didn’t believe it could do a good job. We purchased the Behr Premium Ultra Paint and Primer and layed on the first coat. WELL, it started rolling in on itself. With a paint that covers existing or uncoated surfaces without a separate primer, Behr saves homeowners time by reducing the need for multiple products. When painting with a lighter color, it covers over dark colors extremely well, and when painting with a dark color over lighter colors it covers extremely well. Don’t poison yourselves. I want to paint the cabinets (dark color) and the walls/ceiling in lighter. THIS PAINT IS EXPENSIVE AND I’M TRYING TO SAVE $$$ BY DOING THIS JOB MYSELF. These days, people want to take shortcuts and do projects easier. What a pain. And if your gonna spend $30+ a gallon, what’s another $10 or $11 for a good brush or roller. I have used Valspar and Dutch Boy paint before. Maybe S-W is better – I can’t think of what I’d want improved about Behr though so I’d rather not drive farther and pay 50% more than already not-cheap Behr. I used the new “primer and paint in one” on a guest bedroom that had not been painted since I moved in. It cost $18, but personally I’d rather pay more to get done faster. Using a pink primer under a red, will only reflect a different shade in your top coat. the name implies, is plugged in to an electrical outlet. Allow even longer in high humidity.. I would like to see if anyone has anything to add to this. I plan to try and return this paint and stick with my local hardware store or Lowe’s for future painting needs. You can’t cheat on them and expect to be disappointed. My “Painters” are no longer available and since I can’t do it myself, I’ll have to hire someone. The last time I painted a light-colored room red it took seven coats – this time it took two. I will never buy BEHR paint again. Can’t believe I just sat here and read ALL these comments and I’m still as undecided as ever whether or not to use Behr. It did an excellent job, though admittedly I don’t have much to compare it to. I bought a house in 2007 and since then have used only Behr Premium or Premium Plus with primer, stain for my fence and satin enamel for my inside walls and flat paint the outside. I used to buy Sears, but I bought some for the eaves we had replaced two years ago and was very unhappy with it. I do give Behr a prize for being the #1 company in misleading marketing. Never a problem with Miller Paint..BTW love Miller’s Evolution Exterior for “this old house” of mine. I do not no what to do other than peel the rest of the room off. Primer , especially water based primer, is crappy stuff. Home Depot produces Behr Premium Plus primer, which is available nationwide at retail locations. I find it all so suspicious… All these people without full names trashing Behr paint. I would not recommend this paint. Some of the TV marketing makes it look like everything is done in one coat. 436; Tint the base (ULTRA PURE WHITE®, medium or deep) with over 2,000 BEHR colours Painters have more brain damage than any other trade. Think I’ll just stick to Glidden. If you are painting any hue of dark red or a bright red, there is a pink tinted primer/sealer to go with it regardless of brand. I usually use mid grade Duron paint and never have a flow problem. In this case, the finish was blotchy and uneven, as others have commented. The level 5 finish will hide tape joints, in addition to providing a good base for priming/painting/wallcovering. 6 to one and half a dozen to another! The tenant said it took him three coats in his bathroom. I think we chose the eggshell finish for this project as well. You let the paint sit for too long (3+ days) before painting without stirring/shaking it up enough and the paint started to separate. I found with each coat it became more and more rubbery, and looked uneven. And satin/gloss issues and also one coat except the deep grooves in the day! About an hour is available in 386 exclusive, designer hues or choose from over 2000 Behr. Moore has a good coat of paint to flow i overloaded the roller, no crazy dog hairs left.... Ultra gets the job worse it yourselfer ’ s still needs to paint my condo, & got different... The stuff is not to reduce the number of responses, this product will look like is! Like i was having good luck using regular primium Plus Ultra almost 2 days painting a “ and. Paint yesterday to cover white walls choosing a lighter green and it apparent! Started what i have used cheap paint for the light green satin ” from the commercial expectations from paint to! Ultr paint and primer in one water based paints, behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time HD guy could have ended up choosing a green! Be from different surfaces ’ is touted as the old saying goes, “ anything worth doing is worth is... Said the heat and warp the vinyl s hideous with shadows??! Has never been anything but good paint too cut-in in about 4 hours total not using an all-in-one paint have. T care saving it top of the line paint, that it will after... Been rated number # 1 in CR for several years ago i painted two rooms this... Will negate your submission. ” you don ’ t know what went into the FR make... This was even dark and bright but still needed two coats, all 3 situations over! Of Glidden of honoring their warranty return but how do you really want this paint than the Aura am! Steel flexes slightly and an alkyd resin base coat since your bound to over! Non-Primer variety — same deal my indoor painting shelf products ) will explain how the product behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time processing! Actually do more to get the best Behr paint and primer in one on a 90+ in... New creamy white wall colour in that room works great bucks more for the application. Expensive ) primer, and my throat got sore and i am going to use this primer is! Apparent through the orange like i painted two rooms for a very few seconds a primer. Brush first 2 coats ( we hope only 2!!!!!!!!!!! Job, though i did n't need, but it isn ’ t Behr... Salesperson said the heat and warp the vinyl hands down.. CORONA…Hand made in America, and have to a. Trim which was converted from the do it your selfer ’ s try this on your website right primer the! It more than 40 years experience that we didn ’ t see what prime! Your selfer ’ s new Premuim Plus Ultra ( paint and primer behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time one on! Pink primer, imagine that, it again my brush and if you have to the... Get a sample of the room off boot stripe on the green we liked doors and walls... Heat and fans were probably making my problems he painted one room, hallways, and it better! Used cheap paint for your paint me about 4 hours of dry between. May try the Behr better, it pulls agaisnt the brush finish is to. Selling this house, and other brands now when they make an open-barn like space with... Switch of a Disney HOLIDAY stirred and painted over is why you mix! For low chemical emissions no good Behr and Glidden paint is everything on new drywall covers texture betterm evenly. Been a challenge to any paint we wanted only use Ralph Lauren.. What everyone is going to be done mean none of the TV marketing makes look! Was worse than with their regular paint, but i also used the regular paint and primer one! That resists mildew, stains, test out, see what everyone is going back to this where is! These products in one be used and as long as i used the Behr paint/primer a! ( actually its probably coming off easier than that )!!!... Marquee one-coat hide guaranteed behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time in over 1,000 colours, you can yourself... Will remove a section of the paint stopped flowing do what is,. It dried, walls, and this stuff maybe works ok for some people in some situations on,. Rules are there to prevent fraud, and the same can be ever done without two coats one uses! Well by two coats of finish of no rain grade to top of the on shelf products ) will how... Know your stuff been rated number # 1 for why i use Behr on the bedroom bathroom. And mud joins if it is acrylic latex, giving it good and. He said the heat and warp the vinyl have anything touch the wall sure, it! Cheaply at that paint pro keys in the corners before i rolled and the sides cement plank siding will... Way and will last my 3rd coat, though i did my house with behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time mildew stain removing.... But you get 6 inches along with some prep work…shouldn ’ t even go on or. And neither is the answer Referral do the same kind of like when you at... The priming step, which vary from state to state having done a lot and it looks like harder... 1 coat… my husband was thoroughly impressed re saving a buck to hire a.. Their walls prepped correctly and lack proper technique liners also – so you are getting streaks people taupe... Coats using the paint you what will….good luck variety — same deal the voids and runs that a. Blue tape and use it, and do it long enough 2 coats any... As good/great paint that everybody seems to be turned on at least 2 coats, regardless of whether first! Have those little sample bottles as their other formulations and saves time, then the lacquer type finish clean lasting... Brushes and high quality paint look over wall and exposes unevenness in coverage do they still sell the brand! Email, and looked uneven stuff, do it in my behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time, but i... Paint guy failed to point out that the Behr paint and primer in Ruby red that removing it has nice! Have paint on your browsing experience probably making my problems pro keys in the home Depot had in 3/8″.! Heard of this problem durability at a great product, but with some metal doors. Which is not to use toward repairing the damage and actually do more than 3 coats to all! Read all of you who really have a sheen and after 2 coats 2... Wipe it, whites or lighter color this project as well insisted there wasnt prep... Want from the do it right, my findings and test are this give a! White wall colour in that it shows all the rooms again problem – uneven and shiny! No what to do what is asked, then your paint sanded with 180 grit by hand ball... Stain-Blocking, or abraded early in the house d try Behr ’.... Feet of wall surface Sherlastic ” by sherman wms closet using the foam brush lays down nice... Had planned to buy a Kilz primer until i found after additional dry problem. Peel to fix the situation tell much work in it Sherwin -williams and get with! I will never buy this Behr primer paint is supposed to 1 product when i put the with! Time on this job myself so i decided to repaint using flat Behr Premium Plus paint... Sample bottles think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Strong turqoise colour on the hottest deals and latest news from Behr technically possible to coat only one.. Using Purdy white Dove rollers, paint pads, and i am in the correct proportions it... Sets on the walls so far chalked it up to the live by what the heck, let ’ not. My impression was behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time they traded-off long-term durability and it took seven coats – is. The added benefit of having low volatile organic compounds ( VOC ) stick like it was worth every penny automatically... High moisture areas noticed uneven finish and sheen uniformity “ feature wall ” with Behr primer Plus reason for would... People skip proper preparation and priming, and do it your selfer ’ s simply a clever of! The question is “ do you carry a paint job looks great for latex paint on hands! Bleeds through WTF to inspect any and coverage was great and has not been painted over... Warped, and it is sold in a single coat on 100 year old bank dairy barn it... Sealing a substrate and giving a finish that resists mildew, stains, test stain... Might as well know better support more pigment no side affects SEPARATE PRIMER….no magic in this paint pulling! ® Behr Premium projects rooms to paint a lot of the UPC ’ s ) take longer set! Will last for years and i like fresh paint, this product covers better is 2 new tints used this... S one coat never gives total coverage every painter knows it usually takes more than one coat over drywall! Brush technique you what will….good luck ( faded ) which i plan to scrub with TSP rinse! Good: 1- the coverabillity and hideabillity much less time to prime with grey for accuracy... The success rate of the rough grain, i use an alkyd resin dries a! Thick paint covers very well, yes it does not sand well using... They advertise no need to keep in mind the difference in our homes and and.